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  1. David Copperfield, hands down........
    Ask anyone in the world (preferably outside US) who the best magician today is, and he/she will most likely to say Copperfield.

    In US/Canada, David Blaine, since he's got more exposure on TV.
  2. My favorite and the one who I think the best is would have to be Daniel Garcia, since he's the one who first got me into magic. He's also the funniest guy I've ever met and there has yet to been a single person who showed me an effect that astonished me more (I can't really talk about it since he says he isn't planning on releasing it or atleast not at this time, but it was SICK!!!)
  3. Most famous: David Copperfield and David Blaine
    Funniest and most creative: Daniel Garcia and Wayne Houchine
    Best sleight of hand (my oppinion only), and my favourite: Aaron Fisher
  4. Derren Brown.
  5. Oh this Theory11 generation.

    Juan Tamariz.
  6. Lance Burton
  7. I think there is more than one category in being a good magician. No one magician is great at everything. As I'm sure you have all watch the original T11 video, I think its Wayne Houchin who says you pick what type of magician you want to be: Close-up, Stage, Cards, Coins, etc. Thus, some magicians are incredible in some aspects of magic.

    In my opinion:
    Daniel Madison can really think outside of the box to think of very clever methods for near-impossible tricks
    Wayne Houchin and Daniel Garcia really know how to get the audience involved and are able to get great reactions
    Derren Brown is an incredible mentalist...nuff' said
    Cyril Takayama-He seems proficient in nearly every category in magic, BUT, some of the methods to his tricks are questionable, and I begin to wonder if he has others help him (Burger Trick).
    There are several other great magicians who are just as good as those listed above, in their respective fields of magic.
  8. Lance Burton, Mac King, and Bill Malone are some of my favorites.
  9. Dude, without a doubt it's Wayne Houchin and Chris Kenner!:cool:
  10. Doug Mckenzie
    Eugene Burger
    John Born
    Paul Harris
    Homer Liwag
    Mac King
  11. I don't know if they are the best, considering its difficult to define what being the best includes but these are the people I enjoy watching perform:

    Joshua Jay (for his creativity at such a young age), Derren Brown, Andy Nyman, Paul Harris, David Stone, Richard Turner, Jason Latimer, Penn and Teller, Max Maven, Gregory Wilson, Lance Burton, Bill Malone, David Blaine, Cyril Takayama, Kevin Spencer, Lee Asher...I'm sure there's more.
  12. For the guy that said tommy wonder.. is the best magician TODAY.. I know he is a legend in the history of magic :)

    and the guy that said Juan Tamariz, I know he is the BEST, who disagrees say why.. but I havent seen him this year, so I think it woudnt fit in the best magician TODAY..
  13. The 2 magicians i look up to in magic (my Roll modles) are Wayne Houtchin and Paul Harris. They have an amazing mind and they have chage magic in a huge and a good way.

    Michael Baker
    One Chance to amaze
  14. Wow, I can't believe that Ricky Jay hasn't been mentioned. If we are talking about card magicians, Ricky Jay has to be considered one of the best...ever!

  15. Actually, that's what I should have said. Ricky Jay is the man.
  16. David Stone, Derren Brown, David Blaine, Cyril Takayama

    Shoot Ogawa.
  17. 1. Lennart Green

    David Stone, Bebel, Etienne Pradier, George McBride, Marcelo Goobar, Derren Brown, Zenneth Kok, Jay Sankey, Bill Malone, Ben Earl and many more...
  18. I agree with this list :)
  19. Best... I honestly can't say, to many great performers out there.

    But my favourite has got to be Derren Brown.
    The Buck twins are an inspiration.
    Love Wayne's sense of humor :p
  20. Derren Brown...

    I think he's the closest thing to actual real magic since levitating sliced bread.

    - Sean

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