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  1. In your earlier post you said that 100% Sleight of hand is the way to go and you seemed to denounce all gimmicks (even if you don't you made it seem like you do). Fact is, gimmicked magic is often (not all the time) more powerful. Please, your post is overly negative and you are assuming that everyone just goes for these 'one hit wonders'. I'd say a lot of people here are very educated as to what information is available to us.
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    I thought I went over the fact that I thought he was new to magic because of his join date and what he said. And by his grammar obviously a kid. That could be my misunderstanding though.

    I said "I would recommend buying some older effects that are 100% slights." because I would never recommend someone new to magic getting a trick like these one hit wonder gimmicks at first because it spoils new magicians into thinking that's what magic is all about when it's not. I own a lot of these gimmicks, however you need to learn a lot of sleights and not just focus on these one hit wonder tricks like majority of everyone suggests. The kid said he likes sleights too, so I just said go for sleights and not gimmicked tricks.And by the way, I have a hard time believing gimmicked tricks are more powerful, if you have a good presentation you can get much better reactions.

    Another idea for tigerw00ds, save the money for college so you don't end up making a sig as ridiculous as Visualartist's.
  3. Again, uncalled for.
    I can respect your ideas and yourself, but it'd be a lot easier if you delivered them with a little more tact.

    Yes sleights are good to know, and every magician should be adept at sleight of hand, but it should also known that every good magician uses gimmicks as well. Why? Because like I've said they most of the time are more powerful than a sleight of hand-based trick. Of course they must be presented correctly as well.
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    Agreed, sir. Just less gimmicks at first imo...

    Response to your first statement:

    "Science tells me God must exist." is ignorant and too debatable so it shouldn't be stated in a signature unless he wants it to be up for debate/insult, which is why my sig doesn't say "Science tells me God must not exist.".
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    First of all,who gives a sh#t about what my signature says? Its not related to you or magic. I have tons of good reasons for it being up there. I have studied the works and ideas of georges lemaitre and galileo so dont tell me what I can believe or put in a signature space.
    Now check yourself and get back on topic. The only one showing ignorance is you.
  6. yea and instead of trying to sound smart and saying everyone goes for gimmicks and no sleights thats not true and btw Im not new to magic and i can do things like SWE shift so now i want to get things for going out to perform like at school and stuff i might also get a camera to tape but not sure with economy right now so i want to stick to learning really hard and fun sleights or buying something thats really strong
  7. I didn't mean for my posts to sound how they came out. My apologies for thinking you were new to magic.

    If you don't have one already I can say that the Red/Blue Bicycle Gaff deck at Ellusionist was great for school magic when I got it and I got some pretty nice reactions. I had some even better reactions with tricks like Subway and Tivo 2.0 though if you are interested in buying The Trilogy.

    ~To Visualartist~
    You are completely right, I shouldn't insult what you say about god because it is to never be up for debate in our society. However I wouldn't put "God doesn't exist" in my sig because I know it would be insulting to some people, so I wouldn't expect them to put something in saying "God is real" because it happens to be just as insulting to me when it is followed by a bogus statement like science proves it to be true.
  8. It is not bogus,because I have info to back up my thoughts.And the sig said "science tells ME god must exist" not "science proves god exists" I thought it well before posting. And besides,everyone has to stop being so damn hypersensitive about these things. I dont go fighting some person because they dont believe what I do. Heck,ill listen to their side of it if they seem to actually have a real point or actually know what they are talking about. Like we said,back on topic.

    Knuckle busting sleights does not always mean it will be a good effect. most times never. If you want to work on sleights for the fun of it,im assuming its card sleights,then check out some books on DanAndDaves site. For magic in the vein of your examples of exile and tarantula,I still say Sean fields and check out Chris lafferty's Freezer burn on Dee christophers site.
  9. thx for understanding and yes i did check it out
  10. Oh and btw i already got indecent, distortion and witness.

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