Brown Wynn / White Centurion Uprising

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by maderamagician, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Thought: "Damn if these two decks were so rare, which they probably were, theory11 must be planning on releasing them in a mainstream way, in other words fully available and without limited print. I mean, how in the world do they have so many to give away today? Maybe they had more than they said? It's possible, however look at Ellusionist and their Black Ghost craze and now... available to the public 24/7..."

    How many of you are thinking the same exact thing?

    I'm not claiming to be correct, however it could be very true.

  2. We are very transparent. We call a spade a spade, and we stand by those promises we have posted. We printed exactly 1,100 decks of White Centurions over 2 years ago. We have not reprinted them since that original printing, and we have no plans to anytime soon. We have not sold a single deck of Brown Wynn's in over a year, and they never again will be sold publicly on this site (aside from contests and such). Guaranteed.

    Our deal today was generous - absolutely - but should not be interpreted as releasing some mass supply into the wild, as in reality this was a very short, limited time deal for 12 hours only... ending in about 15 minutes from right now. It was our way of saying thanks for your support, and we were feeling quite generous! These two decks continue to be held in very limited quantities under lock and key in our warehouse.
  3. We're giving people the chance to get their hands on decks that they would have to pay out of their pockets for on eBay. It's also more of a nice gesture in thanks for supporting us. We love all of our customers and forum members in helping us on our journey to be the best we can be. Think of it as a "Thank You" from theory11 :).

    ^And what JB said. :)
  4. What I don't get is how, with less then 1,100 decks being printed.... You guys formerly sold them. And give them away as SNC prizes every now and then... You DEFINITELY don't have atleast 700 decks left in your storage. Say 700 people saw this and all ordered... I don't know, let's say Smoke. What are you going to do when you don't have enough White Centurions to give away?

    Were you just hoping a bunch of people would buy stuff, but not TOO many, or do you have a backup plan? (Or did, since it seems like smooth sailing with just 15-16 minutes until it's over.)
  5. JB, I'm just curious. How many white cents do you have left(about)?
    Not that I don't think you have enough, just that I figure you guys shouldn't have too many left by the end of this release.
  6. I respect Jonathan's and Casey's statements and did not want to offend anyone, this place is my home. However, saborfang17 makes a VERY valid point.
  7. I reckon T11 is printing a new limited edition deck that is going to replace the white centurions.
  8. Thanks for the promotion guys.

    [Posted edited by moderator to remove confidential order information.]
  9. We did all of those things and still have decks remaining. Not a huge amount, but we have some. They have not been reprinted, as anyone on our team can verify, and we only printed 1,100 (exactly) originally. Keep in mind that even when we did release windows of these decks for sale publicly, you could only buy a few at a time, and the release windows were only for about 5 minutes on Friday nights. They were NEVER available in any easily obtainable fashion. They were never available for regular purchase outside of those conditions. Aside from eBay.

    Regarding use of these in Saturday Night Contests - there are 52 Saturday's in a year. Therefore, with 1,100 decks printed, that would allow us to release one as a prize every Saturday for about 20 years. We've got more than enough in our private reserves to accomodate. As it is now past 11:00, the promotion today has officially ended. To those that were among the lucky few to get a deck, enjoy them - and take good care. Be gentle. ;)
  10. No, he doesn't. saborfang17 does not know the amount of orders that Theory11 expected for this. IF (and I say this figuratively) T11 had 700 decks of WCs left, they would not run a promotion that would risk the entire stock of 700. JB and his crew are not stupid, they are businessmen. I would love to hear the total number of WCs given away during this promotion. It is going to be a LOT less than you think. This may have been the biggest release of WCs in a while, but I guarantee that it is not just the start of the new, no-longer-limited WC release.


  11. Lets all say thank you to JB and theory 11 for this generous gift. this is the only magic site that really cares about us. :) thanks guys !
  12. Why raise such a humdrum for nothing at all? If you can't even properly thank a company for giving you a FREE LIMITED EDITION deck, then go away and live your life (as sad or happy as that may sound).
    I personally thank the Theory11 crew for this wonderful event. Even though I didn't order, it's the thought that counts. Thanks!
  13. Wow, oldavid1, you have opened my eyes, I mean how did you know? The entire reason I posted this thread was because I was depressed and couldn't properly thank JB and his crew, not to just curiously ponder on an idea and hope to receive feedback from others in the community via Right a forum. I'm not complaining in any way, I have supported to this company since day one and will be soon receiving both decks. For future, please don't assume.

    Thank you.
  14. you also have to take into account how many people did not participate in this offer. like me for instance. i , being a college student, cannot afford magic atm, so i just sat in my room all day dreaming of how i wish i could buy magic. well i didnt do that, but just saying. not everyone participated.
  15. To be honest I don`t like the white I got Brown Wynns….I am surprised nobody has mentioned them...anyway I am thankful!! I will finally have one!!
  16. Wow, I can't believe I missed this. I checked Theory11 on Friday to see if there were any special sales going on. Nope. Then I received the email AFTER the sale had already ended. DOH! Too bad I had to work Friday. I would have had more time to scour the forums and then I'd have known about the sale. Oh well. I didn't want a White Centurian anyways... *sarcasm*

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