Brown Wynns not good for XCM?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by trashmanf, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. Just got my Wynns as I'm sure many of you did. Man was I disappointed! Lets go in depth.

    Finish - TERRIBLE! much like the 1st edition guardians, they clump right out of the box. Not that fans would look good with jumbo indices anyways, but hey I thought maybe the backs would. anyways - teh SUX

    Cut - not awful but not good. similar to 2nd edition guardians they faro directionally (this is known as traditional cut) but from the bottom up. Good for table faros but bad for one-hand shuffles.

    Stock - okay, this is the one part where the Wynns live up to their hype, they are very stiff. As apparantly Jerrys were. but you can get stiff decks from gemaco for <$2 / pack so yeah.

    Looks - well I guess if you like how they look, uh, I don't know if you can quantitatively score this so whatever floats your boat. The border IS printed evenly which unfortunately is somewhat rare, so that's a plus.

    Summary: If you're doing the 90-year-old definition of "cardistry" - that is to say, MAGIC with cards - then these will work fine for you.

    If you're doing the NEW definition of "cardistry" - that is to say, XCM - these cards are teh SUX!!!

    If you say you "flourish" but really you're doing only cuts - uhhhhh - then these cards will work.

    But DAM theory 11 and your hype and lies, I should have known better by now - the Brown Wynns handle "exponentially better" than the red or violet decks? Those must be sprayed with roughing fluid or something then!!! :( :( :( :( because these decks are TEH SUXXORZ
  2. I disagree as I am sure many people do.

    That's all I'm gonna say,
  3. well here at theory11 you are free to speak the truth and im sure we are happy that you did but ive seen 2 things you posted that are not good
    1) the TnR thing on the media section by chris kenner
    2) This
    It seems like you came on these forums just to just saying i could be wrong
  4. Maybe you got a horrible pack?
    Those are rare, but there are badly made decks out of many.

    I totally disagree. They fan perfectly, they cut very nicely, and they look sweet.
  5. Odd...mine are flawless.

    I'm curious, but when you say "XCM" do you mean Dan and Dave style or De'vo style? To me, there is a difference.

    I hope things go better for you.

    Shane K.
  6. I can't wait to get mine and see what I think about them.
  7. There is a huge difference in my opinion I have not seen De'vo do a cut or flourish more than 8 seconds long just shorter flourishes, just seems like his style more. Although I respect him I prefer The Bucks style more. And cards do affect the two different styles.

    Happy Holidays,
  8. Devo's style uses more of Tally's and bikes so they can fan and do armspreads. Dan and Dave's style is mostly cuts and stiff cards hold the cards better.

    Edit: If you don't like the cards sell them on Ebay or you could always give them to me.:D
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    Are you guys stupid?
    XCM, flourishing, whatever whatever are the same sh*t. Just because they have different styles does not mean it should have two different categories. They manipulate/flourish with cards. That's that.

    Uhh what the hell are you talking about? The style DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND CARDS. I'm not going into further argument with that logic.
  10. Because you gotta learn to handle them like a man! ^.-
  11. The Wynn sounds a lot like a new Jerry, If you got a Jerrys, they are hard to fan, stiff, and pretty much a toughie to break in.

    Try a couple dozens of faros, springs to break them in and powder the deck the little. Maybe they will feel like heaven after awhile?
  12. I'm not saying it revolves around cards. I'm saying that Devo uses bikes and tally's because it workes better for fanning and armspreads. You won't see him use wynns or jerrys because there to stiff and suck at fanning. Devo and Jerry even recommend bikes and tally's because of it. While Dan and Dave said stiff cards are better for flourishing. The whole xcm thing was started by Devo, he says that's what it's called while some say it's a marketing tool. Others believe that it's called cardistry or lourishing. Personally I don't care what it's called.
  13. Cardistry and XCM: What's the Difference?

    They are fine with me...
  14. Actually, I do believe Dan and Dave also said Tally's were the best to use. They just use the rare cards because they are rare, maybe just to show off, or maybe because they really like them. But I do recall they said Tally's were the best.
  15. They did. In the artist section they said they love to use them along with bees and steamboats. They also said that the love using jerrys since there stiffer than other cards.
  16. Tally-Ho all the way.

    Nothing will beat Tally-Ho fan backs and the viper edition of Tally-Ho. Got to love them.:D
  17. well if you dudes that like them really find that they work well, good for you.

    yes for fans and armspreads these suck. if you don't do fans and armspreads then you'll probably get by okay.

    but compare these to say "Shadow Masters" and SM completely pwn these hands down. i'm just saying they were hyped up to handle really well and it turns out it was lies, because they have a CRAPPY finish. however it probably is true that they feel like Jerry's, assuming Jerrys have a really bad finish as well.

    i never had jerrys but i noticed you don't see perfect fans in videos with jerrys, for example on "the system" on the flourish "mary jane" the smear fan is HIDEOUSLY UGLY and uneven, which I assume isn't DnDs fault it's the crappy cards.
  18. I like Bikes more than Vipers in handling...
  19. XCM is just what de'vo calls it
    cardistry/flourishing is what everyone else calls it

    in my opinion XCM is a stupid name, eXtreme how old are you 10?

    i still don't understand why you bought this deck if you didn't like the backs and the jumbo indexes on the product page it has these details. From your posts it seems your a E fanboy and is just bashing theory11
  20. lmao

    Holy Jesus, he's actually just the opposite of E, a man from decknique, like myself.

    Anyway I smell a fight... or perhaps a BATTLE!

    Trashmanf VS Drorange sound good?

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