Brown Wynns not good for XCM?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by trashmanf, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. lol ampersand you crack me up dude. yup I'm an E fanboy aaaaaaaahhhhh hahahaha

    not smart to have battles in an unsupervised field, that's what I learned ... you can't trust your comptetitor to follow all the rules ;)

    honestly, if anyone questions my judgement on the finish of these cards just do the clump test:

    Open a brand-new pack of cards and let the deck sit on your open palm, tilt your hand to let tjhe deck slide a bit in your hands. You will see the wynns (or first ed. guardians) will clump up IMMEDIATELY right out of the box. Shadow masters, ghosts/tigers will not.

    2nd ed. guardians' won't either... I'm not being an "E fanboy" by saying that their cards are better, I hate ellusionist for the same reason I hate theory 11, they are more about hype and lies to make money, than about actual facts, HOWEVER occasionally they both will hit a home run, T11 did it with 2nd edition guardians, and ellusionist did it with their UV-500 finish cards. Hey even a stopped clock is right twice a day, eh?
  2. Hah, yeaaaaa... I'm going to trust trash here. I don't see why anyone would say anything negative about his remarks, his pack is clumpy and the way he describes it is legit, sounds like a negative pack. Thanks for the review.
  3. thank you fiddling steve, I have no problem with giving a good review if it's true, but these cards are really just a disappointment. I appreciate the support. :)
  4. wow. Here's the thing that you should remember as it has been stated many times before. THESE CARDS ARE NOT FOR MAGICIANS!! they were designed for the Wynn casino. All the E cards were made for magicians, and they focused on what we as magi want. When the Wynn casino had these printed, they didnt think "Hey, lets make some wicked cards for magicians so when we stop using them we can sell them for HUGE cash."

    Jerry's handle so well, and they are great for flourishing because they dont go sliding all over the place, it helps a bit. They are the best cards hands down. and yes these are similar, very similar.

    Also, these cards are normal and they dont look like a trick deck like 90% of the E decks. Real men use Jerry's and don't cry, kids use the E cards, because they ahve been sucked into the trap..

  5. I'm sorry Brad, but that is one of the most ignorant and simply untrue things I've ever heard on these forums.

    I've got respect for you man, but grow up.
  6. How about taking a look at T11's marketing for these cards? They advertised them as the next Jerry's Nuggets, thus implying that they're good for magic and cardistry. Basically, you're only helping to prove Trash's point.

    T11 lied; end of story. I'm really beginning to lose hope in the whole 'cardists helping cardists' and 'magicians helping magicians' deal. Unless T11 does something to turn itself around, it'll remain nothing but a fanboy magnet.

    Bunny Boy Collective, however, may actually offer something good for the magic community. ;)

    You know, just my opinion.
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    Theory11 said that these decks were the closest thing they had ever felt to a deck of Jerrys.
    Two of the people who said this was Dan and Dave Buck. They have used Jerryes since the evening before the dawn of man - in other words:
    They know what they're talking about.

    From what I've heard, Jerrys are stiff and clumpy, which make them hold together really well when doing cuts. Wynns are also stiff and clumpy, and like Jerrys, they don't fan very well either.
    It's a obvious that these decks handle very similar to each other.

    If you think the theory11 crew is completly retarded, and is trying to make the must crappy deck in Las Vegas to the new Jerry Nuggets, that's up to you.

    But one think is clear: Theory11 did not lie.

  8. If they dont fan than there good really for cardistry but not "XCM".

  9. Jerry's arent good for magic









  10. I'm gonna also have to say that I believe trashman gave an honest review. True, he spams the hell out of the T11 and DN forums, but if the cards were really good, he probably would have said so.

    I'll take this opportunity to, again, wonder why people like Jerrys so much. Paying $50-$100 or more for a deck of cards is just ridiculous. Please don't respond by saying "Well you can buy used Jerrys for slightly cheaper", as that is even more retarded. The backs have the worst design I've ever seen, and like others have said, I've never seen anyone perform a nice, even fan/spread with them. Nobody has ever said; "Man, I got my Jerrys and they are great for fanning". And for all the people who buy Jerrys because they're good for cuts, ANY deck on the planet is good for cuts. Yes, ANY.
  11. Sigged for truth!

    Now for my comment on the Wynn's, I don't have any but from what many say I have compiled something.

    Fanning/Spreading the cards in general = Sucks, like Jerry Nuggets, probably not made just for fanning, casinos made this for gambling, not for magicians to complain that they suck for this purpose.

    Flourishing = Good because they are "clumpy" and the cards stick better. This means less cards fall, but if you drop a clumpy pack you are screwed.

    T11 Lying = I disagree, they never said "they suck" or "they are bad for fanning", if they did say they sucked they wouldn't bother selling it. They are cards that are meant for gambling, and they are trying to do something nice by giving us these cards. I assure you, if they would have thought it sucked, they wouldn't have bothered selling it.
  12. works for me. im gonna stock up on about 30 now
  13. To bad there gonna be sold out for a while.:(
  14. My JN fans perfectly since I got it last year. It still does until now...
    I think the reason of the MJ fan you saw on System was caused by heat or sweaty palms.
    Filming doesn't just take minutes.
  15. Good to have someone who owns Jerry's way in on this. Thanks!
  16. lol, i have read in another thread that someone's brown wynns also fan "perfectly".

    would love to see your guys perfect fans in a video some time... too bad that won't happen...

    I suspect that the reason you don't have a problem with their fanning is that you don't really fan that much. if you can film a video of yourself doing some fans that look like flourishman's or Webghosts fans, do it with the Wynns or Jerry nuggets and I'll shut tha #$#* up, which I think a lot of forum members would appreciate! haha

    until then i've got to assume you're talking crazy talk!
  17. Yeah, caps lock is cruise control for cool, isn't it?

    What omnipotent being explained to you that jerrys' aren't for magic? There isn't a reason I can think of. It's becoming more of a fad to repeat rather than thinking about it and how true it really is. Cards are cards and are meant to be used for gambling and games. Any cards can be used for magic, and if you can't use some stiff deck, it's your fault entirely.
  18. Jerrys not for magic? What an enormous lie! Why did Marlo make them popular? Why would he choose them over other brands?

    Cards are tools. A bad workmen blames his tools. If you are good at the stuff your doing, the deck of cards can only help or hinder you so far.
  19. sorry but I've got to agree with gavin on this one... Jerry Nuggets were invented for ONE THING: the leno cut

    okay just kidding
  20. My wynns fan decently... been using them for 3 days now and they're not clumping up even after I abused these cards for card games and stuff like that. They're pretty stiff but not THAT stiff... they're okay. I don't see why people think it sucks(maybe a bad deck?)

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