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Business Card design...any graphics people here?

The ace is there for design.

Both cards in this thread look slightly amateur and to be honest I would question hiring someone with such a card. Sounds crazy, but I expect professionalism and quality and I personally do not see that from either card.

There are a huge amount of threads and sites around which have a selection of the 'best ever' business cards which I think may help you with your creativity process. Check them out and google a heap more;
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Matt: First and and for most please understand and know that I have nothing but respect for you. You've got good solid contributions to the forum here, and so far haven't ever given me any grounds to suspect your a raving lunatic. Having said that, I've got a few replies to your post that I think I want to address. The first is with the link you posted. I took a look through those cards and it seems to me that every single one of those cards are just gimmicks, or cleaver ways to present the info at hand. The information contained on most of those cards is the exact same information you find on mine. I personally think gimmicks are neat, but just aren't my style.

I don't agree with your assessment of my card not being professional. I believe that my card achieves everything a business card should. It identifies who I am, what I do. It provides access to my phone, email, and website, and it brands me with my own caricature likeness so when you look at it the next day you say "Oh yes, that guy."

I risk sounding like an ass hole here, and possibly a pompous one at that, but I don't work for magicians. Magicians are not my target market. Unless they are an event planner or booking agent who happens to do magic (like Jack Goldfinger at the Magic Castle). I just don't perform for other magicians.

I may be way off on this thought, but I believe the purpose of any business card is two fold. 1) To arm the receiver of the card with the important information of who you are, what you do, and how to find you when they need your services, and 2) To not get thrown away, lost, or forgotten.

My card works for me at achieving that. I may tweak it from time to time, but I see no reason to change it.

Matt I don't blame you for expecting professionalism and quality from the magicians you hire. Assuming that you even do that sort of thing, but in a business setting you would see professionalism and quality in my work long before you'd see my business card. Chances are if you're getting my card we've already spoken, discussed what you need and what I can do for you. You're likely to be in possession of a demo video, or at the very least a link. The business card would either be given in person at the conclusion of our meeting or included along with the rest of my press package. I would NEVER send you a business card first and solely for the purposes of soliciting your business. If I'm going to do that kind of marketing it would be a very different approach. I'd either be using a bulk email blast, or cherry picking who gets a press package which in both cases would outline both professionalism and quality in a various different ways before we meet face to face. I digress.

Matt your reply has me curious. I challenge what or more specifically WHY you consider both of these cards "unprofessional"? I happen to like the other uploaded card, and with a few minor changes I think it would work great. Also Matt, what does your card look like? Since I've put myself out there to be picked apart while doling out my own brand of business advice, I'd like to see yours. Maybe I can learn something from you?

I realize now in reading this in post that it probably sounds much MUCH more hostile, and acidic than I originally intended. Sorry guys... that's not what I'm going for. I just can't think of a way to re-word things that get the same message across and using softer language.
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Just want to apologize in case I came off wrong earlier. Edited my post slightly.

Definately agree that the link I posted have quiet a lot of 'gimmick' ideas, I posted it more so as I feel it helps to provide creative support which I thought may have been helpful as it seems like Phenomena is still trying to work out exactly what to go for.

Just before we get into too much, I am not just a Magician but also a Producer and Booking Agent/Manager of several performers.

Looking at Reid's card, its starting to work with me. I think the design could be a really good idea, but the text and content needs a little bit of work. I would stay away from having Facebook and Twitter unless they are a key part of your marketing and strictly business related - not personal accounts. I would have a website, and perhaps utilize this to link any extra links.

Would also help with getting away from having a Hotmail email aswell, which looks pretty dodgy.

Change around the text a little, change the colors slightly for the text and it could be pretty sweet.

Will, thinking it may be best to have a chat through messaging but will reply in basics through here (just dont want this thread going off topic too much.)

Knowing your work (at least, I think) your card to me doesn't seem to have a clear image. The cartoon and the style of the card looks somewhat childish so I would assume you are a kids magician - which I don't believe is the case.

Though I also think the cartoon itself could work really well on your card - I just believe it may be able to be done slightly differently. Not a huge fan of the font, I really dislike the border itself and the skulls have thrown me off a bit. The best thing though, the information is perfect. Puts off exactly what you want and gives the exact right amount of information.

Regarding my card, hard to really put off exactly how it looks without having one in your hand but my most recent card is below;


Or link.

Incredibly simple and basic card. "Mindblown" itself is embossed on the card.

I didnt want a crazy complicated card, thought simple was best. I change my card every six-twelve months or so. Like to keep it fresh.

Anyway, I would be more than happy to help out to give you an idea of what I think could be done, might even have a play around later today if I can shake off this horrible hangover.


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Jan 8, 2010
I don't agree with your assessment of my card not being professional.
You're wrong.

In regards to saying those business cards are just gimmicks, in business a gimmick is often referred to as a USP and your USP is the reason people choose to book you over another magician. I really want to post a picture of my cards but I'd prefer to stay anonymous.
Jan 1, 2009
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Personally I think Business cards of ANY kind should be streamlined. I've seen too many business cards that had way too much information on it that it ends up making the guy/girl look too pretentious and self centered. All people REALLY need is you name, number and contact information and maybe your job title "Children's Entertainer" "Corporate Magician" etc. Anything else just tends to annoy and confuse people.

"What type of shows does he do?" "I can't tell, he's got too many things listed here." As opposed to "What type of shows does he do? Oh, it's shown clearly on the card."
Exactly Randy. My thinking exactly.

The social networking links, as an example, shouldn't be on your card they should be on your website. Your website, however, should be on your card.

People don't really read your business card. They check for a name, and possibly what you do but after that it goes into the pocket.

If you're looking to design your own card I'd recommend this... spend a day out in public. Everywhere you go pick up their business card. Google search magicians, see if they have their cards online. Study the cards. Outline the top 5 cards you like the best. Identify why you like them, and then see what elements you could incorporate into your own card.

There are quite a few resources available that print business cards, and cheaply at that. From Vista Print, to Staples, to independent Mom & Pop graphic design shops. Just fyi ya know?
Sep 26, 2007
Tokyo, Japan
When it comes to business cards, there is no exact science, black and white, absolutely right or wrong, and it is quite funny to see people put bold statements like "YOU ARE WRONG" when critiquing or defending a card.

There are some things that go without saying of course, like you wouldn't want to put, "I will beat your children with a crowbar and put wasps down their throats if they mouth off" on your business card if you are a nanny. But then again, maybe you are pushing the "sarcasm" feel and the funny rhetoric has actually landed you jobs.

You have to consider many things when making a business card for yourself. You do not only consider what information to put on it, but you should consider your ideal target client, and perhaps design to suit their needs and or regular feel. If you are pitching your magic services to high class restaurants and black tie events etc... then perhaps the picture or logo of you pulling a pink rabbit out of your mouth is not the right way to go. If you are however looking to work carnivals and festivals, it could be exactly the way you want to take your card.

William Draven's card works for him, and I bet it caters to the clientele he often gets booked through. If it has been working for him to his satisfaction, you have no right to tell him "HE IS WRONG" etc... Get off your high horse.

ALSO, about putting a LOT of access information on your card, it could work extremely well depending on how and when you give out your card. Perhaps you are very good at regular communication, and in the course of meeting people, through discussion, you already give some of the information on your card. Thus, once you hand it out, their eyes will be able to follow through the various information swiftly and confirm the information they have already been told. Perhaps the design of the card has leading lines through the information, and perhaps the font and weight of the color help let the reader know which information is the most important, and which information is minor, etc...

Outright saying that "bla bla bla information should be left on websites, and bla bla bla information must be on the card" only shows that you assume you know everything about what that person is trying to achieve, and HOW they are going about trying to achieve it... which none of you can known for sure about other people.

How about you try to get more pertinent information from people before assuming to know EVERYTHING about how their card should be, by only comparing it to what YOU yourself use, or what you have seen on "OHH MA GAWD! The latest bestest desgined cards evarrr!!!" websites. Anyone can post a link that took them 10 seconds to find on google, and anyone can pretend to know everything about how marketing works... but how about NOT doing that unless you actually know what you are talking about.
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