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    Upon realizing the amount of exposure that transpired on this public forum I have decided to edit out my posts.
    The just of the conversation was that I had asked for more examples of code systems to use in practice for a fun expose at a local education center and things were taken out of context. I realized due to Mr Englands advice that I hadnt yet gained the knowledge needed to be beneficial and decided to step away from the project.
  2. Wait a tick... Are you doing this as an entertainment piece where you're showing people how they get cheated or are you actually trying to learn this to cheat people?

    Please advise.
  3. I'm 99.99% positive he is saying this is for cheating purposes. For ZER0 I have to say something is probably coming for you; I'm not sure whether to aid you so you learn a lesson or stay out so you stop. I hardly think that latter will affect anything: it's your life.
  4. You came here for advice man, you're getting it.

    Dont cheat at cards.

    As for codes and signals, if you've been a card guy for nearly nine years and cant think up your own basic system, then you most likely dont have the head on your shoulders to hustle people.
    It also seems strange that you'd invest thousands in your work, then cheap out on the last fifty quid.
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    no hustling, just friendly games with friends for practice with no money involved.
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  9. No problem sir. I just hope that what you said was true :). Have a great day.
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  11. I kind of understand your point. Daniel Madison said something similar and I agree with him. Be succesful with your exposé. In fact, I want to do poker demo too. But only for my friend and family, not for a professional venue of any kind.
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  13. Zero,

    I'm curious, is your expose for this casino dealing class supposed to entertain them or educate them? From reading your post, I can't imagine that you'll be educating them, but I could be wrong.

  14. You have thousands of dollars invested in material that doesn't touch on basic signaling? Not sure what you've been buying...
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  17. I wasn't going to reply to this thread but something about it kept bugging me.

    If you use coded methods even with a confederate, you will get caught! If this happens in a high stakes game or worse, a major casino, you will discover quickly, why it is believed that "The Dessert Will Come Alive" when the good lord returns. . . many a card mechanic along with their partners populate the Nevada dessert. So the moral of the story is DON'T DO IT!

    It's exceptionally tempting, especially when money ain't happening in your life, to use the skills one acquires through the study of magic as a means to an end. You may get away with it for a while, maybe even a decade or two, but at the same time it will destroy you . . . just look at the life of Erik jan Hannussen and how one of his confederates lead to his final demise. . . granted, his Jewish lineage and the fact that several senior NAZI officers owed him tons of cash had a bit to do with it as well, but it was his old partner that betrayed him, proving him a dangerous fraud and hustler.

    I've seen young magic lovers get seriously hurt because they tried running three card or the pea & shell as genuine hustles or worse, pick-pocketing. Again, I must say DON'T DO IT!

    This requests really disturbs me. Not just the fact that there is an abundance of silent and physical codes to be found in some of the older books on Mentalism that anyone can learn from, but simply the suspicious nature of someone wanting to develop such techniques. It's something that really needs to be weighed and critically contemplated.
  18. So let me get this right. You have 7 or 9 years in magic and have used it to entertain friends and family with, yet you think you can actually educate people and have them PAY you to do so for a class that teaches them card cheating systems.

    There is a HUGE difference between a Card Mechanic who uses card cheating slights for entertainment purposes and one that uses them for actual cheating methods. The problem with your theory is that you don't have any experience in the 2nd type of situation.

    As for you trying to educate people on card cheating sleights, as in actual education and not for entertainment purposes. It's not going to work, Real gamblers who employ card cheating sleights don't do them in the same way that magicians have learned them. There is a major difference also between Darwin Ortiz explaining card sleights in a book/DVD that was meant for magicians to learn gambling routines, and somebody actually learning those sleights and being able to pull them off.

    As for the Casino thing, they have people that work their security that know more about this subject than you do, and also have the technology to tell if you are cheating or not. So again, your plan is just not going to work.
  19. Jason you make money by teaching people how to cheat at cards....This guy is looking for some friendly advice tip and you guys accuse him of being a thief.
    There is a brand new casino opening here in Columbus Ohio and there are classes being offered at many different schools to teach people how to deal cards. So maybe they are asking the help of local card manipulators to do demo's so their students know what to look for. Point is this place it to help fellow magicians and tricksters out and not give them guff. He seems genuine enough to me, give him a break!

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