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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by projoke1, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. So for Christmas i want a card clip, the carbon edition from Dan and Dave. However I found that it does not have the inverted spine thing doing down the side. I remember that this effects the clip in some way, either the pressure or something like that. However I am not sure. So my question is: What is the difference and which one should I get? Thanks
  2. Honestly, not sure there will be much of a difference. Porper clips are the best clips out there. I don't think Joe would allow a change if it affected anything in a bad way.

    That being said, for my money, $35 is enough for a card clip. Going up to $90 is a lot of money. I say get the original and save some cash. But I don't think the functionality will be affected.
  3. If I were buying a card clip it would be a Porper, but nothing over $35.00. To be honest they do a good job but who cares. For $35.00 I can buy over 24 decks from Costco or Sam's Club. Our club has 25 + guys in it and only 1 guy uses a clip and it is a knock off one that just looks cool but doesn't do what a Porper does.

    That is my honest opinion / 2 cents on card clips.

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