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  1. Ok so i'm just a 13 year old and a few days ago i got an idea for a deck of cards, and so later that day i got out photoshop and made the back and all the fronts for the whole deck but now what i have a tuck case design as well. so i went online and ordered it to print so i could have it and show my friends but i'm pretty sure it'll come out with the image of all the cards cut off. the thing is i don't know how to copyright the deck or even how to print it that well, or if i should sell it to someone or sell it on my own, keep it to myself or if anyone would want to buy it. I am clueless and i am confused and worried and panicing thinking someone might steal my design. If any of you want to see the design for better advise for me then tell me.
  2. Hey MLG,

    The key here is not to show anybody not directly involved in the design and production, should you proceed with the deck.

    Although I will point out that the odds of someone duplicating your design without having seen it is incredibly unlikely.

    Spend your time on refining your design for the back design, faces and packaging.

    Get it to a point where you believe it is equal or better than other products in the market.

    And then consider the options eg. Kickstarter.

    Hope this helps,

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  3. Thanks
  4. Your best bet is to go with Kickstarter OR show the design here (since magicians are your target market I'm assuming) and let us give you feedback on the design before proceeding to Kickstarter. Without having a decent startup fund to print your deck in mass quantity I don't think you will be happy with the quality you'll receive from other resources.
  5. Where can i post my design on this site?

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