Card forces for the "Sleightly" Challenged

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Heath Bar, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. I use only one force in my routines, because why use different forces? It will only arouse suspicion. I do vary though from routine to routine from the slip force to the riffle force, I find they're the simplest and most effective.

  2. First off, get rid of the trick decks, and grab a regular deck of cards. Then work on:

    The Balducci Force - Simple and quite effective, requiring only a peek before getting into your routine. Peek 2nd from top and then make sure you fully demonstrate the force from start to finish to get the 2nd to the top. The initial demo is absolutely necessary, so don't blow it off, as it really helps to sell the force as random. Not the best force, but works most of the time and is SUPER easy to do.

    10 to 20 Force. Requires some simple math, and again, not the most solid force, but it gets the job done and requires no sleights.

    Personally, I use the riffle a lot, after a few false shuffles. Works like a charm. It is rock solid if you do a false table cut after the false shuffle, as well...

    Good luck!

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