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  1. Yeah it all really depends on the person you are performing for. If the spectator doesn't listen and just digs their fingers down lower in the spread and grabs a card..yeah not gonna go over so well.

    The classic force use to be the only force I ever used and then I haven't used it in a while and now ...bleh I'm kind of only decent at it. It takes a bit of muscle memory to know exactly where the card is your spreading and coordinating the spreading with the timing of their finger.

    I never used the

    "touch the card to the spectators finger" idea

    I always timed it.
  2. Do a false cut and riffle shuffle and give them the top card after ...

    LOLZ, just jokes
  3. I have just recently tried to start using the classic force and it seems like I always run into the same problem. The spectator always tries to dig into the pack like they already know exactly which card they want. It's very frustrating but I'm going to keep trying and hopefully get it down.
  4. hey guys,
    my favourite force is a force i created by myself. i was never watching this force by any other magician. i call it the "devils force". it looks that way: you spread the cards and let a spectator choose a card...any card, with a normal deck. there are no funny moves, you just spread the cards. they will choose a card, and boom, it is the forced card. (no force deck;))
    greatings, heini:)
  5. Sounds like the Classic Force. What makes it different?
  6. oh bro!
    i hate the classic force. why? because for me, personal, the classic force is not safe enough if you really want force a card.
    like i said, i dont know if the force exist, but i really dont think just spread the card and the spectator could really really pic up any card they want, but it is forced. in my eyes, the most natural way it could be without gaffs.
    greetings, heini;)
  7. Do you have a video or something up? sounds like to see what it looks like
  8. Sounds similar to a spread-cull type force, if it's not a classic force.

    If it's a new method, is as clean as you claim, and works 100% without any wasted movements then I'd also like to see it.
  9. i do not have a video now, but i can make if you want.
    where can i post it? is ist allowed to post it with a link in this forum?
    greetings, heini;)
  10. You can make a performance video, and post the link. An instructional one would have to be private, if you decide to make one of those the link can be sent via PM, and it'd probably be better if you used vimeo and had a password.

    I just want to see it in performance, I don't know about the others, but I enjoy watching good magic without knowing the secret just as much as learning secrets.
  11. Totally agree with you! Love to see a performance of the force as well.
  12. I don't know about your force but there's one very similar to yours and the classic force released by Jay Sankey where you spread the cards, the spec can touch any card and yet it is the force card. In my opinion the most convincing force that i know of
  13. yes, it is very similar to the force you told. (i am wondering, that sankey published something convincing without any gimmicks:D)
  14. I just remember Daniel Garcia's force in timeline 2.0 fits that description. I forgot the name of the force though.

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