Card Trick Idea-Swan Song

Sep 3, 2012
So it came upon me that a great premise for a trick would be using the idea of a swan song. Something along the lines of a final act of the cards. So the basic idea I had was to incorporate many smaller tricks into this one, and using advancing cards each time (eg A 2 3 4...) all the way up to king. Here is where I need your help. I need suggestion on tricks to do with all 13 cards. They must be pretty quick, can be flashy or dramatic. Ideally it would be done impromptu or very minimal set up. Here are some idea of mine
-Aces... Twisting Aces
-2...Shapeshifter with an ace
-3... cut to shuffle and force on spectator
-4, 5, 6, 7, 8... can't remember name but its a packet trick by bannon to end up with a royal flush face up
-9... get to top, force, grays spelling trick
-10... ?
-Jack.... Find in deck do some form of torn and restored
-Queen... cut to bottom, now you see it (longer trick but a favorite of mine and a crowd killer i find
-Grand Finale.... cards wrapped in duct tape trick from the wire (requires deck switch)

So what do you guys think, any and all suggestions are welcomed, I think if we all put in a trick or two this could became a heavy hitting trick that no spectator will ever forget.
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