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  1. Im heavily considering buying this, but the product page isn't extremely clear on some things, and for $50, I thought I'd better ask. What you're getting is two dice that have dupe pips on the opposite faces right? And the glass jar? Plus the video. It doesnt come with matching regular dice does it?
  2. This is what you get:

    2 green OR 2 red dice (it's a suprise)
    The dice have indeed dupe pips on opposite side, but I don't know which 3 pips are on the dice.
    A glass jar.
    A 30 min video about dice switching, books about dice, Jason shows his dice collection and tells about different kinds of crooked dice.

    You dont get matching regular dice
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    I was considering buying them as well...until I saw the price. The Gaff Dice look pretty cool, and it would be worth the $50 if you got both sets of gaff dice, or at least the gaff dice and a pair of regular dice to switch them out with. I just think for $50 you should be getting a little bit more. That's just my personal opinion, and I definitely think they're worth picking up, especially if you are doing gambling routines, I just think that $35 would have been a better price point.
  4. I agree they should also include a matching normal pair of dice because the gaffed dice have a sand finish, which isn't as easy to find as the clear high polished ones.

    But let's not forget. These dice are very high quality. You won't find much cheaper gaffed dice that look so good
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    I agree that they are very high quality dice, I just think they should have included the regular dice to go with them, or else they're almost pointless to have, as you cannot switch them out! I think I may have found the closest matching pair of regular dice, if you are lucky enough to receive the green dice. From the pictures, and the trailer, it seems that the red dice are going to be very hard to match.
  6. I have found this for the red dice:

    But the dice you found aswell the ones I found have a serial number on them. The gaffed ones don't
    Although, I think no one will notice that =D
  7. When I saw the picture, I saw the serial number as well. That worried a little, but like you said, I doubt most people will notice it. Plus, if you do have them examine the dice, you would switch them out of course. Also, I believe only one side of the dice has the serial number on it. Also, for the red dice you found, they don't look like they have that see-through look to them like the gaffed ones do. I guess you won't know until you order them, or email them for more clarification.
  8. What you get has already been clarified but I just want to say that I bought these without much hesitation. For me these are mostly for decoration and just a talking piece, like an impossible bottle. A lamp, picture etc easily cost $50 and are much less interesting. You're buying a piece of gambling history and though we would always like things cheaper they're worth the price in my opinion.
  9. That's true
    But you get with the dice a download on dice switching, so there also meant to use for a demonstration/routine/fool your friends.
    And to do that, a mathing pair of dice would be nice =D.
  10. I concur :)
  11. Of course matching dice would be nice. I assumed it would be easy to find them cheaply.
  12. Guys,

    Keep in mind that the reason we didn't include the matching "fronts" to go with the T's is that we didn't have any! These were purchased from the estate of a well-known (in some circles) dice maker from Michigan.

    We didn't have the option of ordering or sourcing any matching fronts because the maker has passed away. These dice are primarily being sold as a piece of history and as a conversation starter - nothing more.

    If you own a set, you own something special, whether you know it or not.

  13. Thanks for the helpful information Mr. England!
  14. I have my Gaff Dice on order, just waiting for shipment. Patiently, I should add, as I know it's a super busy time for them. I'm REALLY hoping for my dice to come in red, but I'll post up a review when I get them.

    I'm curious if anyone would be interested in trading dice around to get the colors they wanted. ie, I get green but wanted red and you have red but wanted green, we would trade (via ups).
  15. Got my dice today. Very nice. My only issue with them is that the ones I got are considerably smaller than standard casino dice (at least the few that I have anyway). My friend also got a pair and his ones are the same size as casino dice.
  16. I just perched a set of dice but haven't got the download yet
  17. There is no such thing as "standard" casino dice. Some are more popular than others, but you can find at least 3 different sizes on craps tables here in Las Vegas.

    It sounds like you got one of the pairs of 11/16ths tops (as opposed to the more common 3/4" ones). I can assure you that 11/16ths dice have been used in casinos (both legal and illegal) before.

  18. how soon after do we get the download?
  19. Hey Bret, you should receive the download immediately after purchase in your email and My Account area (there should be a download link there). If you don't see it, send a message to our support crew and they will get this fixed up for you ASAP. Merry Christmas!
  20. Thank you! I'll do that. Merry Christmas!

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