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  2. I think you make a good point flourishing should be for your own enjoyment and be your own creative moves it should not be so serious
  3. In my opinion, you guys DID achieve the purpose of the Collaboration Contest and should have won, but other people have their own opinions as well.
  4. Part of it has to do with the entertainment factor. Sure, flourishing should be a fun and carefree activity in real life, but when it comes to video there's no room for tomfoolery - if you lose your audience for a second, you've lost them forever.

    In this case, you two succeeded in showing your personality and the off-handed casualness that comes from just hanging out. However, with the runtime of your video dropping in at close to 5 minutes, there was a lot of dead time that could have been cut out. At the end of the day, the 'wow' factor is the ability to make a viewer want to watch the video over and over again right after they see it. 48 Dumpling's pacing is what killed it.

    All in all, I don't think that this has anything to do with your submission not being what's stereotypically expected of a good video. You guys had awesome, original moves, amiable personalities, genuinely funny moments, and a unique feel. It was just 2 minutes too long - end of story.

    -Kev, The Virts
  5. Hey! Adam,Steve and averyone :)

    I like your stuff. FLourishes were new,cool,damn cooool :) Ye yo showed us a lot new cool cardistry technick. But here is one trouble. I like to watch videos with nice ideo editing like F501 :) They did good job.

    Anyway. A&S I like your style. ANd I've given you 5\5!!!
  6. That was the first time i saw live audience reacting to flourishing, and i think that there should be more flourishing videos with street performances in front of people. People react to all cool things that they never seen before. I also practise Parkour, and when we practise jumping on a 4 metars high garage, or over 2 metars high wall, people just gather around and watch us without blinking. So i guess flourishes would have similar reactions.

    Back on topic:
    Adam, i think you are right about colaboration issue. Steve and you did colaborate even during flourish, and i think that you should win even only because of that, and i think that is the future of flourishing.

    Maybe it was a 2 minutes to long, but that is the only video (of the 3 winning videos) that i could accually watch over and over again.

    You have great colaboration, you have great skills and moves, you have great reactions from people, and most important of all, you had a really good time. And that is the side that you should be looking from...
  7. Honestly,

    I thought it was a great video.

    But after getting to around the 4th minute of watching it, I had to check the timer bar to see how much longer it was going on for.

    And tried to watch it again, but lost interest after a while.

    Now dont get me wrong, some of the moves and flourishes were amazing, and you both worked incredibly well together and 'Colaborated' easily the best of all the submissions.

    Im sick to death of the 'Battle' basis upon Flourishing seems to get, I kinda feel that a few other forums kinda promote that feel a little bit to much and this is perhaps why people use this feel often.

    All in all, I gave you guys a 5. And really thought it was going to be close between the top three, it could have gone either way.

    Theres really no need to feel bitter because end of the day, you, everyone else and I know exactly how brilliant you both are.

    Congrats to you guys aswell.
  8. PS:

    I also mentioned about the audiance reaction in my comment in the media section.

    It was completely brilliant, and I would love to see much much more of it in the future.

    You guys really set yourselves apart from the norm in this video, and you get massive props from me because of that.

  9. I agree with every word. Every second of the video was great, ESPECIALLY like fooling around. I think this video had more "wow factor" or "jam feel" than any other video I have seen, in my life. I think that's the most important thing, just to enjoy the video. This in fact was the only video I rated 5. But yeah other people have opinions too and it's not up to any of us to decide for them.
  10. Adam,

    First I want to say I don't get you wrong and I think I understand what you say.

    I think the main thing is that the contest was a video contest, and not a live contest. You may have won if it was a live performance in front of judges, showing your skills. But as you said, the contest was a video, meant to be original and creative. I really liked some moves in your video, but that's true as people said the video was very long; and you don't watch very closely until the end.

    I think a Cardistry video deserves more than just showing your skills in front of your webcam (I don't say that for you of course but for everybody). In your video you "took us with you on your day in the city", and that could have been an entertaining way if the video wasn't too long.

    Cardistry has evolved since the beginning and I think now it's time to realize that if we want flourishes videos to be appreciated by the most, we have to present flourishes in an entertaining way. You talk about de'vo and big cloaks, and "underground and mysterious" things ; I don't really understand, as we didn't wear big cloaks in F501 and we didn't pretend to be "mysterious and underground". And no, wearing black cloaks is not "the cool thing to do at that time".

    XCM videos with black backgrounds are in my opinion a different thing, and it can be entertaining if moves are eye-candy and visual. But our style is totally different. The thing which made our video more "captivating" I think is the setting, the realization, the cinematography. In my opinion Cinematography and Cardistry work flawlessly together, and I know lots of peope who love both films (or even making films) AND Cardistry. This is what our team Scenacle is all about, we'll make more movie projects in the future. I hope we inspired people to put efforts in the way they present their flourishes. We'll see more and more diversity and we'll discover new "styles", new ideas for videos.

    Adam, keep your style. I love seeing you jamming with your friends and performing awesome moves. This is YOUR style, and people like it. The few problems in your video was the length, and maybe a bit the lack of serious for a contest. Don't get me wrong, I laughed...

    I hope you don't see any offense in my post. Let me tell you again that I liked your video and, as many people I guess, it made me wish to be there jamming with you.
  11. Matt,
    The post was actually not in reference to losing to you guys. If there were ever a video to lose to, this would certainly be the one! You released a video that was incredible. The only comments that I meant for your team were that you were very serious in the video. It came off, to me, slightly over the top.

    There's no bad feelings on my side - and my offer still stands if you're ever on my side of the pond.
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  13. Adam and Steve, I really liked your video. We never denied you made a bad video, and in fact you placed in the top 3. It was a tight race, but we also feel it's important to give helpful tips on areas of improvement! Which everybody has, and I gave to everybody.

    It is fair to point out that there was no explicit score matrix we used. That's a good suggestion, and we should consider doing that next time to make sure and point out that the contest feels as fair as possible to everybody (though I think the results this time were fair enough!)

    I hope you guys dig the plaques... pictures up soon.
  14. I just can't believe what steve is writting... You guys made 3rd place! Damnit and you are still complaining?!

    You said that you took collaboration further? Yeah, maybe you did one, two cuts combined with your mate, but think about it: 80% of the Teams actually had no chance of meeting up with each other. We had to chat for hours via internet to decide what we wanted.
    All YOU did what was making a f***ing Jam video, nothin more.

    And Colorchanges have nothing to do with cardistry!

    You say the stuff in F501 has been done before? Well, then what did you present us new? I saw some cardthrowing, some standard cuts here and there, some DM stuff... I felt YOUR vid had nothin new, besides those cooperated cuts.

    Seriously, you should stop whining.

  15. Put your god-damn cards where your mouth is.
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    "Put your god-damn cards where your mouth is."

    That would just look silly. And I can imagine it wouldn't taste too great. just like this thread

    ***First post on T11?

    ......big deal:rolleyes:
  17. Where was your video? I wanted to see Conner and De lux but it seems you guys didn't submit your video.
  18. Ew, youre right. Spoke, erm, typed, too soon. Blech!
  19. All I can say is... with the new knowledge of what your audience enjoys... apply it in the next video cause no one can ever really explain what they want in words.

    Watch the winning video, and create one with similar feel for the next competition.

    -Huron Low, The Virts
  20. Huron,

    Where was your entry guys :p

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