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  1. De_lux was gonna make a video? damn... I wish that had come out
  2. Those are the words from a bad loser..

    no offense
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    I think Kev's comment basically summed it all up.

    It was an incredible video, but it was only a little bit long. I wanted to watch the whole thing because I knew there were going to be great moves but I didn't feel like watching it again. I love the flourishes and would enjoy them in a shorter version. Just like Virtuoso's video "Style" they packed so much into that short video. They had great moves, original ideas and brand new concepts however, theirs was close to two minutes long. Yours was more than double that.

    Still it was a fantastic video and I congratulate you with the final result no-matter if it was what you wanted, you both did a great job!

    Also, I don't mean to sound rude but, you guys came in third out of quite a great group of teams. You should be proud of yourselves. There is always something someone can debate about but those who did come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd wish they were in your position and I can guarantee that many teams would be ecstatic to come in third. Congratulations and enjoy your success!


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