Centurions: One Way Deck

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jack, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. First off let me say that I love these cards! The stock, finish, design... all of it. In staring at the back design I noticed a few small details that make them a one way deck. This is not like the Guardiens where the design is offset in the white border. There is a little of that but it is not consistant enough.

    The first mark or tell that i noticed is located in the background of the design between the sword handles. It's easiest to spot on the box. On the left side between the handles there are two small circles (they almost look like the hinge side of a safety pin). On the left side there are two circles where as on the right there is only one. It's a very subtle difference that you would not see if you weren't looking for it.

    The second tell that I found was at the base of the split spade on the back design. At the base of where the split occurs only the bottom of the right side is shaded or "marblized" the left is mostly smoothe. This is a little harder to spot than the circles but if you have a sharp eye you can catch it.

    These two tells can work to find a reversed card in the deck. After I found them I couldn't help but notice them. I have since found it very easy to locate any number of reversed cards.

  2. so is it easy to spot or is it just a tiny difference in the look?
  3. It is easy to spot if you are looking for it. To someone who has never seen the deck before it is pretty much invisible.
  4. Woo! I was hoping that these cards would be one way. That feature on the Guardians is great.
  5. I do not mean to necro-post but I have discovered another way that the Centurions have One-way backs.


    If you look at the lines boxed in on either side, the number of lines are different.
  6. This was already said in the original post.

    Calvin Lauber
  7. Actually it wasn't, he was pointing out the fact that on one side there are two circles and on the other there is only one. He was also pointing out the one sidedness of the split spades. I was pointing out the fact that there is a difference in the number of lines
  8. My bad, I misread them as the same thing.
    Sorry, and thanks for pointing that out!

    Calvin Lauber
  9. Its all good man, I had to reread the post a few times before posting to make sure I wasn't repeating information.
  10. Nice one Cyrus and also thanks for putting the picture up. It helped make my post a little clearer as well. Cheers!

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