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Apr 22, 2009
I think we should discuss logic and simplicity in magic, and how it might have an effect on the audience.. I think that for most laymen, although a magic trick is something "not possible", it should be coherent in a sense and show a logical progression of how something is happening. Take a transposition for example, if the joker is placed on the table and a three of hearts is taken, and changed into the joker, the card on the table should now be the three. You ever wonder why it wouldn't be just as amazing to change the card on the table blank? Because it wouldn't go with the logic that the trick was following. The card trick is not a transposition effect anymore, it was just 2 random changes. This is why some laymen aren't amazed by tricks with too many twists turns 360s 180s and situational irony. The progression of the trick has left their minds in the dust and when you ask what their card was for the final revelation they say, "uuuh". Just thought I'd say this: although out of the ordinary, tricks have a route to follow, and when we put too many detours in it, the spectators get lost and need a map.
Nov 15, 2007
Raleigh, NC
Alright. March of this year was the last given idea, and no Cerca Trova for...a long time.

I think this last idea by Mark Efferent is a great topic, Logic in magic.

Why do some tricks fail? Are they bad tricks, too confusing, not logical?

How can we make our magic both simple to follow and understand but hard hitting and amazing at the same time?
Jan 21, 2011
Sorry for the off topic comment that is to follow but after I will post an ideal for discussion. first the question however. Is this section of the forums dead?

Now for the topic. Direction versus Misdirection. Techniques in guiding the audiences attention.
Another. Relaxation waves. Using tension and relaxation to help sell or cover the method to the effect.
These two can be found in the 1st volume of the books of wonder. by Tommy Wonder.
Maybe also a discussion on the 5 steps of deception as laid out by Al Schnieder in the Schneider technique volume 1.

Here's an idea...

Have a Cerca Trova about anything.

Really. It wouldn't matter what it was about as long as you did one. This was one of the best parts of the site when Theory11 was new and at least still pretending it cared about the integrity of magic. Do more and maybe people won't think you're just into selling different cards and the occasional trick.
Oct 11, 2011
A lot of people, most in fact, have started along the lines of: 'Here's a good idea', so in keeping with this 'trend'. Here's a good idea, or at least I find it so.

After reading through the last 17 pages of Cerca Trova ideas, no one said anything of a discussion I would like to see: the THEORY of magic. The ins-and-outs, the 'smoke and mirrors' of the smoke and mirrors game.

Admittedly the last three pages have mostly been about the possibility that Cerca Trova no longer exists, but if it does, then I would like to put up this as an idea, I thikn it could be beneficial to magicians in general, but to the ones who wish to creat tricks could find this not just beneficial, but could see usefulness in it's importance.

Many thanks in advance, or just in case.

~Magia San
Hi Guys,

I talk about language cerca trova telling Use of Language Cerca Trova .A common phrase that is popular among magicians and the clothing they wear is the phrase "Cerca Trova.This is an Italian phrase meaning "seek and you shall find."
Hi Guys,

I am Telling Use of Language Cerca Trova A common phrase that is popular among magicians and the clothing they wear is the phrase Cerca Trova." This is an Italian phrase meaning "seek and you shall find.
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