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  1. Luis you can perform it all you like but you cannot broadcast it so no TV YouTube or anything like that.

    Actually all of Vigil's work is like that it pays to read the copyright information on any product. Spelmann's work is exactly the same and so are many others.

    Think of it this way whenever anyone plays a song on the radio in a shopping centre or anything of that nature they have to pay who ever has the publishing rights to use it. Why do you think all the songs they use on idol are owned by Sony? By owning the publishing rights to the song they don't have to pay to use it and if the original singer has a problem they should not have sold them in the first place.
  2. wayne houchin's french kiss
    ambitious signed to wallet
    check out david stone on youtube , he did great ticks on tv
  3. Yes, I am aware of that!! I was just being sarcastic about the price of the trick...and the broadcast rights!! I do understand how this works..

  4. Sorry then Luis sarcasm does not really read well over the Internet. Btw how is your mentalism going
  5. hey don´t worry...

    right now I am saving to buy some stuff in MJM magic and from E...among them there´s the Bob Cassidy book..43 bucks, but I expect it to worth it...since you recommend it..I bet yes..

    I have as a rule that every time I buy magic...magic should pay for it, not my other I am saving money from my gigs and tips...
  6. this sound a bit confusing:p
    Its only a local tv station... im 17 and it will be my first time ever on tv :S
    Im going to email the creators of each trick to ask the permission when I know wich ones i want to perform..
  7. Something visual, relatively easy and hard hitting. If you know some metal bending then I suggest maybe doing some of that.
  8. In answer to your question you should atleast look in the credits to see the performance rights. You don't but considering it is only local and your effects are fairly main stream you should be fine. You are better to ask and be safe than sorry.
  9. I set my mind and I've chosen my effects:
    I'll perform a 4 ace production with a lot of false cuts (explaining how magician have the habit of controling every card) then a reveal of the deck being in order,
    Followed by Static, and then The spello change as a finale.

    Ill send an email to Jesse Feinberg and D&D to ask them if they agree.


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