Chris Kenner, Rudy Coby and T11 LIVE at the Castle!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KatieKenner, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Made my reservation for Friday night. Any more details available?
  2. Maybe someone could spot me a couple tickets? My wife would love that as a surprise.
  3. If no members here can help you out, try contacting one of the performing artists. They can sometimes help out with passes.
    Andrew Mayne mentions a source on his website.
  4. Ironically, my name happens to be Drew Mayne. I have some other sources to go to but it's much simpler when someone has passes they don't need.
  5. Went last night and had a BLAST. Tons of fun. Heading back on Saturday with Mr. Stern.
  6. your over 21?..

    Sir FansAlot PM sent
  7. ? I remember that guy back when he was < 21. Hopefully, he is 21 because I'm about to get over 21 with grammar. Start a sentence with a capital letter.
  8. Do you have to be 21+ to get in?
  9. yeah, it's 21 and over...

    saturday and sunday brunch you can be under 21, and also there are 3 dates coming up soon where it's "young adults night" where you can be Under 21
  10. Might not be going on Saturday. We shall see. Chris' show was great by the way.

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