Christmas Magic Show 2011 (MUST SEE)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pete Pridanonda, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. I haven't watched it all but foreign why I've seen I'll say well done. I'm sure there are some little things you could tweak (there always is no matter who you are) but I like your energy. Keep up the good work
  2. first of all, thanks for sharing your videos, its always good to see live performances. Your audience seemed to enjoyed themselves and enjoyed your magic (other than the little girl that was giving u a bit of a hard time) Wait!? Are you wearing a shirt of yourself? Haha. Anyways, my feedback isn't on your technique, you seem to have all the moves down and for the most part you seem pretty comfortable doing them. My feedback is more on your presentation style. This could just be me being picky but your presentation seemed to be a little too "fancy/professional" for what seemed to be a very casual performance in front of (what looked like) family and friends. I would think having a more natural/simple presentation would benefit you more. I think you put too much emphasis on saying over and over how impossible/difficult what your doing is, I'm sure they could get that msg easier without repeating it over and over.

    Just a few specific things about your effects

    Industrial Revelation- I don't own this nor do I know the method so I don't know how well my suggestions can be applied but why not start with a regular card trick then go into your IR routine. Start with any basic card trick, openly place the cards back in the box (deck swap) then go into the routine and now since they saw you put normal cards in the box you wouldn't have to repeat that its a solid deck and you can eliminate the "slit thru the cards" part of your patter. One more thing on this, I think maybe cut down on the box penetrations, throwing too many in there (card tab coin multiple times and the knife) seem to just get very repetitive when once or twice will play just as hard.

    Voodoo doll- same thing applies, less is more. There was recently an article put into a recent thread about this theory it goes on to explain how a person staring at a piece of paper and have it barely levitate/move 2 or 3 inches is usually way more believable then a person making that same object jump up and dance around in the air. I think you should apply that method more than moving it up and down repeatedly.

    One last thing, your last effect can be done a lot more effectivly and simpler. Try this, at the start of your performance reveal a folded piece of paper and explain how you will use it later, throught your set maybe keep hinting slightly about the paper or something to bring attention. The method you use to force the word on them can be simplified a lot too I understand how you want to show how impossible it is and you are adding difficulty by allowing them to choose the amount of cuts and placements of the cards but maybe just having them shuffle and cut the cards once then maybe having each person "freely" select a card until they match your prediction could work better.

    Again, I do give you major props for doing live magic and I appreciate that you are sharing it with us these are just a few pointers I personally feel might improve your magic. Just my .02 cents
  3. I agree with the above post in that you seemed juuuust a bit to fancy with your presence in very casual setting. Your patter was nice and clearly rehearsed since you didn't stumble, which is good.

    IR: I've seen that card tab thing before on youtube, and the other guy did a better job of explaining the whole illusion thing in my opinion. I do like how you made adjustments to the last time you performed this and didn't let them hold the box before the reveal, I could tell that created a much stronger impact when the block just appears. I do agree with less is more, you penetrated it a few too many times. Do the card tab, then let someone stab the knife through, then reveal. Boom.
    Voodoo doll: Same as above, too much up and down and up and down and up and down. At first it got good reactions, then they just started to dwindle. Let him raise it and lower it, then raise it one more time, then make it fall with the finger snap.
    Ace location. I skipped it because it bored me, sorry.

    Snowstorm was awesome, I've never seen it before and I loved it. A few things though. 1. After a spectator shuffles, no need to say "they are mixed up now right?" Of course they are mixed up, they just shuffled the deck. That kind of phrase is totally pointless. 2. "A regular sharpie, yeah?" Again, why say this? Of course it's normal, they don't know about trick sharpies, so don't lead them in that direction. You are starting to run when no one is chasing you. 3. You over-proved the drawing wouldn't move when you rubbed it. Again, of course it won't move! Blow on it, and rub it. If they don't see a smear, then the drawing is intact, that's what we are accustomed to seeing so there is no reason to over-prove something so obvious. You asked if it wasn't magnetic?? Why? That's such an illogical solution for someone to come up with there is no reason to even bring it up just to cross it out. One quick rub to show it's dry and you're golden, period.

    The last effect was waayyyy too long. Again, you're over proving something that doesn't need it. If a spectator shuffles the cards, they are not going to think there is a stack involved because it was them who shuffled it.

    Not trying to rant at you, but it's just little things like that that make me cringe because it's so superfluous. The main things to take away from this are less is more and don't run if you're not being chased.

    Other than that they all seemed to have a great time and you did perform everything pretty well. Good job and props on doing live magic!

  4. Thanks for uploading these performances. I've just finished watching the first one and will only comment on that and then come back for the second one later...sorry but my kids are screaming for dinner....ha ha.

    I agree that you should start out with a normal card trick, put the deck away and then make a deck switch before going into IR later. If it were me I would have done the ace effect first, then vodoo, deck switch and then IR. With IR you definitely need to cut down on how many objects are penetrating the slit as everyone prior to me has mentioned as well. I'd keep it at two not three. I loved their reaction when the steel block comes out. Awesome!!!!

    Vodoo doll is your favorite...I know..ha ha. You do a great job with it.

    The Paul Gordon effect had one shuffle that did not look convincing at all...I think it took place at 6:46 in the footage. Did it honestly fly right by them? Loved the top change card switch on the Jack. It was very convincing with your movements and your body language.
    Again...great job.

    Good job not letting the little girls comments get at you. Do not interact with the little ones too much while doing adult performances or they will continue to fight for the attention and ask things and want you to do something with them every time.

    Your patter was fine for the setting you were in but don't ask so many questions and repeat yourself to make things seem bigger than they are.

    I'm watching the other video later. Nice T-shirt man....ha ha.
  5. Just watched the first one, great job!
    Good for you for putting on something like that for family/friends. I noticed at the end (9:09) one guy touches the queen and says something like "I see the ****" (It's a bit muffled). But if he said what I thought, my advice would be to cut the patter about marked cards or bends in the cards. People don't know about crimps and bends, so just like IR, don't give them that information before hand. Especially since you are drawing attention to the key card so many times in the routine. Which, I would say, show it once, but the other times, just flash it as you say your line "Just one card above or below...". Just lift it for a moment (they can see at a quick glance, that it is not an ace), then turn it back face down. Those may help with getting called out (if you did- I'm not positive what he said)

    Great job.
  6. Wow, there are a ton of great advice here, thank you so much everyone for your feedback, this is exactly what I needed!!!
    Jacob, the funny thing is that I didn't rehearse my patter at all. I have a rough idea of what my patter and presentation is going to be and basically just came up with it while I'm talking. Yes, I agree that would be a great idea to do the IR as a closer but the main reason that I decided to do the IR first in this instance is because I don't want to have to put the 1.5 pounds steel block in my pocket, it gets a bit uncomfortable after a while, especially when I have to move around a lot during my routine. As for the voodoo doll, I always do the effect with just raising the doll up, down, up and then snap but the reason I decided to extend the effect in this situation is because the kids were really into the effect and they were smiling all the time and I don't want to end the animation so soon. I'll stick with my original way from now on.
    Rick Everhart, thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed my routine, yeah the T shirt is great I got it as an early christmas present. You're right on the spot, the rising voodoo doll is my favorite routine:) That is why I decided to give this effect the presentation it deserves and I think that the corn doll presentation creates a bit of a mysterious atmosphere. That false shuffle is Ben Earl's psychological shuffle from his past midnight DVd set. I'm not sure if the audience were too polite to called out on the fact that the shuffle is not real but no one came up to me and told me it's a false shuffle. I believe it flys by the audience .
    Illogical Illusionist, I really like your idea about introducing a folded piece of paper in the beginning, I'll definitely use that now, you are a genious!
    Again, thank you everyone for the advice and feedback, I didn't expect the advice to be this thorough and many, really do appreciate the help!
    P.S. I noticed that everyone commented on the fact that the little girl is a bit annoying. First off, if you're talking about the kid with curly hair and dark skin, he's a boy:) And Rick, I agree with your comment about not interacting with the little ones too much unless it's a kid show, but I still think it's good to give him or her some attention.
  7. Thank you Justin! You're right, he did say that in the end, but then again, I told him that I can even do the effect with his cards. Thank you for the advice, I'll keep this in mind the next time I perform this effect, thanks a million!
  8. Just watched the second video. When you are doing shows, you will quickly realize the importance of planning your pocket management. Make sure you have things like your Sharpie handy. It created a 30 second lul in the show, which may not seem like much, but it takes about ten seconds for spectators to lose interest (Kids may be faster). That and if they didn't have a sharpie, then you end up trying to use a pen, and you lose the overall flow of the effect. The tighter the better.

    Did you cull a card at .42? (don't tell) If you did it was really well done.

    With shuffling, I've found the line "give the cards a quick mix" as opposed to "Shuffle the cards" works better. People shuffle faster, and get the cards back into my hands sooner. If I say shuffle, they (Like the lady here), will take their time to make sure the cards are thoroughly mixed, which slows things down.

    Other considerations to speed things up, would be to do your km move earlier, or while she's signing the card (one handed against your leg). Then to ask a spectator to recap the pen. You shouldn't worry too much about that, unless you are using it for misdirection. (a side note, I always try not to -for lack of a better word- fumble around with my props if possible. When I drop a card at a table side, I just leave it if possible. Or things like recapping pens, I try to avoid unless I need to for some reason.) Although make sure you get the pen back - The girl at 9:41 was about to redecorate your cards!

    After the twirl change, I usually push off the card about half an inch as a convincer that it's not two cards. Just something I like to so. Then when you pull it back, you can do your next get ready.

    The other note would be to practice your transition patter, so you're not always saying things like 'let me show you another one'. Just begin talking about the next effect. For example (off the top of my head), after the snowstorem effect, say something about hanging it on their Christmas tree as a souvenir, then say, actually when I was in (insert: name of a place you travelled to), I picked up these cards at a souvenir shop, you'll notice they are a bit different... Here's why....
    Then there is no pause in action.

    In acting they tell you that when you are getting laughs, to pause your lines and wait, then deliver your next line just as the laughter hits it's peak and begins to fade. Then say your next line (If it's funny, then it will carry that laughter. It is a similar timing with transitions between effects. Finish the effect - get applause - just as they are starting to finish clapping finishing - deliver your next line in your transition (perhaps include a thank you if you like too.)

    Other than those thoughts (which, take with a grain of salt as they are just my opinions), I thought you did a great job. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to more from you!
  9. Just a thought, that you could use either of Jeff Kaylor's gimmicks if you own them to ditch (and load) your 'gimmicked' cards. That may help you use the same deck the entire show.
  10. Just watched the second video as well. Justin has given you some valuable advice so I will not reiterate it however I will say you have a likable personality that allows for people to enjoy your magic. With that character I would not see many people heckling you.

    Nice reactions on the snow globe card effect. Looking forward to viewing more of your live performances. Keep up the good work.
  11. Thank you very much Justin and Rick for your positive feedback and advice, no words can explain how much these advice means to me, they truly help me improve.

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