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    Tell me another one mate. If you dont have enough creativity to adjust patter, not even the effect, i mean adjust wayne houchin's patter, which you must obviously think is the one and only way to perform the effect, then you shouldn't be performing tricks that require sleights. Try easier stuff until you can routine properly, with your own patter. I recommend you perform the 21 card trick and the glass/salt shaker through table effect. Both those tricks will get in and around the same reactions as the set list you prepared when done properly. Suffice to say a real pro will make them ten times more entertaining than any top of the line popular effect.
  2. That's a good idea. Then maybe if someone comes to me and request more I'll just do one of those packet tricks. But that will gather a crowd again right? Then I'm dead because I'll lack effects to perform. Actually, all I mentioned in this thread is just card effects. I didn't say I actually have the Self Tying Shoelace, a loop specifically just for one effect and that is the Mysterious Glasses and I also have with me Smoke by Alan Rorrison that day.

    Maybe I'll perform that card magic set then put away the cards and enjoy the food and party and if someone requests, I'll do one of those packet tricks followed by Mysterious Glasses then Smoke. If someone notices that my shoelaces are untied then I'm lucky to do that also.

    Thanks for your advise!
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    I can't do French Kiss because we're a boys school is just one reason. Another reason is, I haven't perform French Kiss even once because I haven't learn the proper mechanics of the effect because I don't have the Art of Magic dvd. The 21 card trick could be a good one but it will destroy my style. The glass/salt shaker is not appropriate because of the type of table we have.

    Thanks for the advise!
  4. Here is now my new set in sequence.

    1. Two Card Monte(gaff)

    2. ACR(Card to Mouth is the ending)

    3. Trick Sharpie(The sharpie logo visibly changes to the thought of card.)

    4. Smoke by Allan Rorrison.

    That's the first set but I'm not yet sure with Smoke by Allan Rorrison. It's like I want to remove it.

    I'm trying to create a second set. Here's what I have so far for my second set for now.

    1. Here Then There

    Any additional comments is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. What do you mean you don't know how to present this effect well and can't make it realistic? You do not have to make a 20 minute presentation or story line that leads into just this one quick effect. If you've seen my video, I just told them about the story of the scarecrows that I've seen in the movies and how the people worked with them in a magical way. The only way that you're going to harm this effect is if you perform it badly like all the youtube videos of this effect that I've seen. You have to do it with words in order to provide misdirection and the proper engagement with your spectators. Trust me, get this and perform it for audiences and you'll see exactly what I mean. Please feel free to ask me any further questions.
  6. Oh and here is my other suggestion for a card trick that you HAVE to do at a christmas party. Snowstorm by Jay Sankey, it's very easy to do and fits the theme perfectly.
  7. The effect is nice and I'm not familiar with the exact method, but I don't think a voodoo doll would fit well in a Christmas theme. Although I'm an agnostic, I was raised in a Catholic family and if I remember correctly Christmas is that day in the year when Jesus was born, who is the son of that important guy...uh, God is his name, I believe, and pulling out a voodoo doll in the middle of a Christmas party sounds like pulling out a spear at a peace conference.
    I'm not saying people would be offended (somehow I doubt that a bunch of high school students is very religious and easily offended in that matter), it's just not appropriate. I wouldn't show a rising voodoo doll at a christmas party no matter the patter and the presentation, just like I wouldn't show Indian needles to a bunch of 7-year-olds.
    As for the thread question, if you'll wear a cap (and you probably will, it's Christmas after all!) maybe you can think of a card to hat effect, maybe you can produce some candy sticks or change a card into a "Merry Christmas" card. The options are limitless.
    In any case, good luck and have fun!
  8. Well, the thing is that you do not have to present or even mention the word voodoo doll while performing this effect. As you've seen in my video, I said that it was a scarecrow and during my walkaround gig when I perform this for little kids, I told them whether or not they remember the time when they were a little boy/girl and is still learning how to walk. They fell but eventually they pick themselves up and continued on their path to success. I then take out this voodoo doll and told them that this little friend of mine represents you as a child and he's also learning how to walk. Then with a little bit of encouragement he will starts to stands up.

    Seriously, this effect can be adapted to any presentational possibilities without portraying anything at all that this is the voodoo doll. I haven't had any problems with people getting offended, believe it or not, I've actually performed this in church with a presentation about a man rising up to heaven when he has done good things. All you have to do is be creative and trust me this will be one effect you will do for the rest of your life.
  9. Effects like this are difficult to make it realistic. No offense to you but you present this just like any other trick.(Maybe that's really what you intended). The only reason why you get those reactions is because of the effect itself. I think this effect deserves a lot better than that.
    Of course. That's why if you understood my last reply to you, I was trying to convey to you that silence is the best presentation for this effect because it speaks for itself.
    That doesn't make any sense.

    I suggest that you don't say no strings.
  10. I suggest that he stops trying to plug the effect like it's the greatest thing ever. We get it, he likes the effect. Just shut up about it.

    As for effects for perform, I'd really suggest doing one effect that you really like and then ending it there and not really being an entertainer at the party, just enjoy the free food.
  11. FASDIU = From A Shuffled Deck In Use. Meaning, any cards at any time, no setup.

    Your set that you wrote previously looks pretty solid. I like ending with smoke, after having produced the sharpie, etc... Now you just need to think about what presentation of smoke you will do =).

    An idea for how to cater your sandwich effect to match the holiday season. Instead of using two jokers etc... get to blank cards and draw a Ski Patrol Skier on each, and have the selected card be a lost skier =). I did this at a Christmas gig last year and it went over HUGE! Well, mainly because it was a ski group that hired me. You could have two elves searching for a lost present, Two of the Three Wise Men searching for their less-Wise Third Wise Man Friend. etc...
  12. Here's where I need help regarding the presentation of smoke. This is how I've been presenting smoke for the past year.

    Patter: I want you to imagine this is a cigarette.

    That's it! Just one sentence then I shut up because I want the focus to be entirely on the effect itself. In my personal opinion, too much words on this effect will diminish the impact because the effect on itself doesn't need words. This is again one of those effects that speaks for itself.

    Then after saying that patter, I just do it. Literally just do it. Put the sharpie in the mouth, etc. No matches or anything. Just the sharpie itself.

    Thanks for sharing that good idea. I'll think about it.
  13. Wait? So you just tell them to imagine the sharpie is a cigarette then literally just "puff" the sharpie to make the smoke come out? I'm very curious to hear what kind of reactions that gets. I know smoke is a very cleverly (spelling?) Hidden utility device but isn't that presentation just blowing it out of the water? Has anyone ever just guessed or asked you to see the marker afterwards? If that presentation has been getting you good reactions then I have to give props cuz that's a pretty "ballsy" move showing it like that. Otherwise I would suggest changing up the presentation not calling any attention to the marker.
  14. I always present this effect as a way to magically move the doll and my patter storyline might not make sense to some pople but as long as they can visualize similar scenes that they've encounter in the movies this effect will take their breath away. I understand your comment perfectly about the silence, but for me, I think that silence goes better during the rise, but in the beginning you have some kind of patter (make sense or not) that leads into this effect. If you decided to get this effect, the method can be applied to anything else other than the doll. You can even make a candy cane rise up using this method.
    Also, I don't see anything wrong with saying they're no strings, since they're really aren't any.
    Anyways, thank you for your time to reading my post and I wish you all the success.
  15. In my opinion, this is one if not the best method to a magic effect that I've across so far in my magic career. With regards, to the price, practicality, audience impact, and the impossible factor, there's no effect that can beat this. At first when I got this effect, I didn't perform it at all for two months because I didn't think that this would not get much impact, but when I finally tried it, I'm hooked.
  16. Now back to the subject, I don't know if you've read my suggestion about the thread concering the effect snowstorm by jay Sankey, but I believe that this fits perfectly into the christmas theme and can be done anytime in your set. Have you seen this effect?
  17. Smoke can hit extremely hard. It has the potential to destroy an audience (in a good way), or it could kinda just stump people for a few minutes and cause a few (ohhhhh????). To be honest, your presentation will receive more of the latter.

    Since you have the sharpie out, have it used several times in the set. Take a cocktail napkin or a previously used signed ACR card, and draw a cigarette on it, roll it up, and use that as your cigarette. Play it up. Act. Create a "there is no Fn way" atmosphere, and then do it.

    Eric Jones has some great subtleties on one of his videos in his use of smoke, I suggest trying to track those down!
  18. Like I already said, I understand the presentational flexibility but I still don't think a rising scarecrow/voodoo doll/Michael Jackson fit well in a Christmas theme.
    We'll just have to agree to disagree.
  19. [video=youtube;TDsb2WEW5I8][/video]
  20. Yes

    I don't think so.

    Of course. But most of the time they don't ask to see the marker. I bet you're asking yourself now. What do you do then if they ask for the marker? Very simple! The pocket of my pants is gimmicked and it allows for a very easy, very quick, very natural switch for a regular sharpie. :)

    Yes. It's been getting me good reactions.

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