Clipshift question

Jul 25, 2008
So i have spent most of my xmas money and now im thinkin of gettin something relating to magic. ive always been curious about chad nelsons surfaced dvd and CLIPSHIFT! But exactly how hard is the move? I know its gotta be tough. But is it worth the big buy?


Feb 9, 2010
I personally don't think so. People say it is an utility move but I personally think that it looks unnatural.

Just my thoughts.
Sep 6, 2010
Once it is mastered, it can be used as a utility move, yet it is extremely hard to master. If you want something hard, go for it.
Dec 21, 2009
It's a difficult move. But it's my most used color change... As Ben said there are a lot of applications for it.
well first off its an easy move to practice, you only need one hand and takes a second or two to perform also it looks truly magical to laymen and earns you respect in the magic community. But it is hard and will take some time but if you spend some time on it and polish it up you will not regret it, its a control, a color change i have even used it to cheat at blackjack =).
Oct 14, 2009
When you first start it, you will want to give up (at least I did). Then when you break through the initial difficulty, you will begin to get more comfortable with the knack of each step, but will still probably make noise with it. Then, the more you do it, the noise will go away. I started in July, and have been getting many compliments on it recently. It is VERY practical (but still difficult). Have fun!
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