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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by William Karlsson, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. I have during about six months practiced the top palm and by now I have it down pretty good. I have gotten more and more into close up magic, and now that im trying to incorporate palms into it I have some trubble.

    What is the ideal position for your hand to be in? How should I have it against the table? The way I have it right now feels and looks a bit awkward, I kinda just have it resting on as if I were to shake hand with someone.

    AND, after having a card lapped, do you guys have any tips on how to replace the palmed card(s) neatly onto the deck? Maybe from a tenkei palm? I don't know really.

  2. I find that holding the deck from above provides adequate cover for a palm, But that depends on situation, a bit more about the setting where you would be palming might be helpful, i.e one to one across a table or however else you might be positioned :)
  3. As it looks right now, all from one person in front of me, to five persons spread out in front of me. :)
  4. good way to work out what looks natural is to stand up (or sit at a table or whatever your circumstance is) and see how your hand looks withought the card palmed then with your other hand just take a card and put it into your palming hand and get comfortable with that, do it infront of a mirror and determine what you think looks strange and what doesnt. hope that helps :)
  5. Also the which top palm you use matters I am a big fan of the Dingle top palm from his book.
  6. I do the one described in the RRTCM :)
  7. GO find the Dingle book and learn his. It is a much better version of the top palm.
  8. Or you can learn the Erdnase Top Palm or The Vernon Top Palm. Though, Vernon has gone on record to say that the Erdnase one is his favorite.
  9. You know there has been new moves in the last 100 years.
    I know the Erdnase I know the RR the Vernon and a few others. The Dingle top palm is the most natural and fastest one out there. Sure it is in a book, and that will run you like $75 but you get so many great routines including Sympathetic card.
  10. Whatever floats your boat.

    You could actually do the same routine with a Vernon or Erdnase, OTP, Side Steal palm, Double Undercut Palm, Berg Palm, etc etc.
  11. Seriously, get the book. It's called the complete works of derek dingle, by Mister Richie Kaufman. Dingles work on the pass is worth the 75 alone. As well, you get something crazy like 99 routines you can perform. They are all incredibly varied and well thought out. The price is completely worth it when you really stop and think about. As well, it's written by the finest technical writer magic has ever seen: Richard Kaufman. Check it out man.

  12. If you are talking about Sympathetic cards you can't. If you are talking in general yes but why make the moves harder than they need to. The normal non-magician watching you does not care how you get to the denouement, only that they were entertained. Only magicians care about the hard moves. We need to understand we should be doing magic for those who are watching us. Not to impress other magicians with all of the cool moves we know. Think about it. Some of the strongest effects out there are almost self working. Why take twenty steps to get to the end when you can do it in four.

  13. It is a great book. Yes there is a DVD set with him out there where he teaches is stuff. The only real upside to those DVDs is that it comes with the PDFs of three lecture notes from Derek. Those alone are woth the $50 for the DVDs. So yeah drop the $125 for the DVD set and the book.
  14. I'm not arguing with you. I was just saying that he should find the right palm for him.

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