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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tylerrabbit, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Hey all, wanted to let you know about our channel.
    Am actively trying to grow the channel in 2016 and have some really cool stuff lined up so please feel free to like, share, comment, subscribe etc.
    THANKS I really appreciate it!!
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  2. I'm very into coin magic and this looks right up my alley. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Cool! Cheers Brett.
    Will post updates in this thread if there are no objections. I should point out we're not selling anything and the vids are ad free. Doing it for fun and to promote coin magic.
  4. Steven Himmel performing his variation of Troy Hooser's Charming Chinese Challenge.

    Quick clip of me doing a nifty change move:

    Hope you like 'em!
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  5. Check out the homie Joe Namsinh's ridiculous muscle click pass:

    More to come from Joe!
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  6. Spent more time than usual on this special one.
    My friend Dean Dill passed away 1 year ago today.
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  7. Have you guys seem Joseph Thomas?
    New clip featuring this talented performer doing a quick little something for yall:
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  8. I love watching these. Very great coin work. Thank you
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  9. That muscle pass was beautiful.

  10. Was fortunate to recently shoot living coin magic legend Micheal Rubinstein in some rare downtime during his week at the Magic Castle.
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  11. That was just mesmerizing!
  12. Thanks Brett. Yeah normally Dr. Rubinstein does a lot of admittedly corny jokes and bad puns- which is totally cool- but I thought maybe it'd be fun to shoot a silent piece. He has a great look.
  13. Hey guys, check out some of my friend Bob Bolivar's moves. Smooth as butta..
  14. Hey Theorists, new clip featuring my stand-up handling of The Gadabout Coins. hope you like it!
    (I wonder if there's at least one part that might fool you...)
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  15. I've always loved your Fernabout coins. That's the style I model my coin magic after. That being your original video.
  16. Wow thanks Gabe! Very nice of you to say.
    Ha yeah I shot myself doing it almost a year ago, so I figured we should try to shoot a better version.
  17. I am saddened to be the one to break the news but..
    Coin magic is dead.
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  18. I guess coin magic isn't dead...
    Not a huge Coins Across fan but here's the routine I do:

    Hope you enjoy it!
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  19. Sorry for the card trick.
  20. Here's a quick butchering of Paul Harris' Free Flight
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