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  1. This week's offering is for mature audiences
  2. Deleted for technical reasons. Will re-upload tonight. sorry for any inconvenience.
  3. Ok it's back up for good. Plz forgive the multiple posts.
    Again, this week's offering is for mature audiences (maybe PG13?):
  4. Part 2 features my favorite card trick of all time performed with my favorite cards of all time... Check it out!
    (part 2 of this 3 part saga is also intended for slightly mature audiences)
  5. Final part of the Dana Island series.
    Again, intended for slightly mature audiences.

    Next week: an okito coin box routine featuring pyrotechnics and a large venomous arachnid.
    Also very soon I'll be filming magicians other than myself. People seem to like that and I am among them.
    Please spread the word and Thanks for the support.
  6. Just subscribed to your channel. Started getting interested in coin magic yesterday actually. lol
    Love your channel so far. Cheers!
  7. Thanks CWhite!!!
    . And now, The World's Most Dangerous Coin Trick- and that's no joke!
  8. I feel like maybe you guys aren't maybe that into coins.
    With that in mind, I made a sick cardistry video:
  9. This week: a quick demo of Martinka Magic Shop's "Ringo," an interesting little gaffed-out transpo effect:

    If you've not subscribed to the channel, now's your chance. I add new stuff (nearly) every weekend.
    Thanks for the support guys!!!
  10. I totally loved that you were doing weed magic. Makes me happy. You got yourself a sub =] good luck!
  11. Thanks Frankie!
    This week, another Frankie..
    Academy of Magical Arts Jr. Achievement Award winner Frankie Foti and I did a little road trip to a wedding reception gig.
    I don't usually do "professional" gigs but this was for some good friends.
  12. Was fortunate enough to spend a little time with Eric Jones and we made this cool video:
  13. ---This week---
    Frankie Foti bends some signed coins:
  14. ugh i keep messing up and having to delete and re-upload. Here's the new link. Sorry about that:
  15. Here's me performing one of my favorite coin routines of all time.
  16. Me doing some coin stuff for my archery bros:
  17. This week we kick off a 4 part trilogy dedicated to coin magic and cults.
  18. Part 2 of our 4 part trilogy!
  19. Man that finish... Beautifully executed.
  20. Thank you!!

    Finally Part 3:

    A relatively obscure move invented by Masao Atsukawa followed by a somewhat convincing popup and closed out with a 愛而不是魔獸 from heck..
    Hope you like it!

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