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  1. Here's the finale of the the Cult Magic Underground Series

    This is a stage performance featuring some coin stuff and whatnot.
    The magic is pretty silly in this one, but there's an interpretation of John Lovick's "Win a Date With Handsome Jack" (McCombical Prediction) but performed with different colored Mardi Gras coins instead of cards. Kinda different.
  2. Here's a fun montage celebrating two years of CMU videos:

    Comments and suggestions welcome!
  3. Hey guys been a minute.. Here's a new one featuring Steven Himmel.
  4. Am very happy with how this one came out.. Had a blast making the soundtrack.
    The trick is incredibly simple, and to us magi may seem obvious/silly,
    but I've been doing it a lot and it seems to get a good reaction
    and fools lay people pretty bad...

  5. Part 2 is up for your viewing pleasure!
    A little mentalism w/ coins which will likely be familiar to most here.
    I was thinking it would be really cool if it matched the person's birthday.. Next time..

  6. Have you guys seen my buddy Joseph Thomas?
    Let me know if the last trick fools you. It fried me real bad.
  7. Hey famfam here's the latest.. It features some card and coin changes.

    Hope you like it!
  8. This kid is smooooooth:

    More cool stuff coming soon...
    Thanks for watching!
  9. Please don't go off camera. I have watched other video and it happens more often.

    That classic palm needs a bit more pampering. Looking a bit awkward gee.

    THAT CHANGE was a beast! And i loved that third coin vanish you did. All of the vanishes looked smooth, nonetheless.

    You good boy, but I can't believe you messed up that coin roll.

  10. Thanks for watching.

  11. Meet the legend:
  12. Hey guys here's my complete close-up act.
    Hope ya like it!
  13. Couple routines from my friend Makoto.

    The card trick is going to be available for purchase/download literally any minute now on Dan and Dave's site.
    Will definitely be posting more of his coin work in the near future.
    You're going to be seeing more of this very bright and talented guy in the world of magic.
  14. Oops. Bad link.. here ya go:
  15. Hey dudes here's a video I shot of Sinbad Max while he was in town:

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