Collapsible Shot Cup & Flask Routine Now Available!


Nov 4, 2014
Orange County, Ca
Purchase this effect HERE:

Looking for a new way to perform a chop cup routine while strolling? Tired of trying to find a way to stuff that bulky cup into your pocket? Well we have the solution for you! Introducing the Collapsing Shot Cup!

In this quick start video tutorial Michael will teach you a basic cup and ball routine using the Collapsing Shot Cup & Flask. He will also show you how to gimmick your own cup as well as some fun bonus ideas including how to produce the flask in a magical way and even how to have a spectator's signed bill appear inside the flask!

In addition to Michael's quick start video, Ken "Funsway" Muller has been gracious enough to include 2 full PDFs outlining his ideas using the collapsible shot cup and flask! You will find his contributions to this wonderful effect on their own are worth the full price of the entire set! thank you so much Ken for allowing me to include this!
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