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  1. Fascinated with E. Marlow and his writings, I borrowed Revolutionary Card tech from a friend and could tell he hadn't read it. Anyway, the book is just too much. At some point I thought Jesus Ed, get a life! Did he ever do anything else?
  2. There is a great description of Marlo in the forward to Arcade Dreams which answers your question with a resounding "No."

    I stopped keeping track several thousands of dollars ago....
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  3. OH.....Man...this list had me laughing out loud at work. Baaaaa haaaaa!
  4. I only keep track of how much I spend on magic so I can use it on my taxes.
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  5. Just a few for now

    While driving to my first professional gig I was hired for, I dressed up in a suit, had sun glasses on, acting cool,got lost (pre GPS on phones) and arrived 30 minutes late into the strolling cocktail party for doctors. Talk about learning humility....

    First Birthday party show I did outside I literally had cards flying across the front yard of the client's house and had to run around chasing them as they laughed :)

    I like many of you have made purchases that will sit in boxes forever and never see the light of day....

    I have had money shoved down my dress shirt and asked to stay later at a gig....yikes ha
  6. NIIIIIICE!!!! :cool:
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  7. Thank you Lord Magic
  8. I think star sign divinations are uninteresting.
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  9. I have never and never do I intend to perform an ambitious card routine.
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  10. When I was younger and at magic shop I was shown the invisible deck and the brainwave deck. I chose to buy the brainwave deck... :confused:
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  11. I always thought Johnny Cash was kind of a jerk for shooting a man in Reno just to watch him die.

    (Am I doing this thread right?)
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  13. I've paid for various decks of cards to go to therapy to figure out why they weren't ambitious.

    Well, at least they weren't putting the dollar bills.... nevermind. Maybe there is a use for that trick I bought on sale.
  14. I've been training (well... trying to...) my golden retriever to secretly snatch cards that are dropped and gently hold/release them after wandering away for a card to dog transpo. I don't know why really. Here is a picture I snapped after she successfully did the reveal after doing a corner tear trick for matching purposes. It may serve a purpose in the future but I doubt it.

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  15. I've trained my dog to find a spectator's selected card after it has been returned into a deck and the deck shuffled.

    The only problem is that she would rather keep the card than reveal that she found the spectator's card.
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  16. Ah isn't that the Pomeranian Steal from Vol. 1 of Harry Wolf's works?
  17. Nope.... Royal Road, page 30 and page 201.
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  18. So as it was in arm's reach, page 201 is the classic force in my copy. When explaining on the torn and restored transpo video, he uses the phrase "Where is the dog?" and an exaggeration of the gesture to demonstrate it. Gotta admit that made me chuckle. Clearly intentional.
  19. I constantly carry a deck of cards on me and some other effects for maybe one day I'll be brave enough to actually perform for a stranger.

    I do not practice nearly as much as I should, and what I do practice- I'm fairly certain isn't correct or proper.

    Woah boy! Does that feel good!
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  20. I really only like impromptu magic and stage magic just doesn't impress me anymore
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