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  1. He's already fired all of his employees that weren't related to him. This happened like a year or so ago. Plus I doubt they'd have to "fend for themselves." seeing has how most were more than likely paid a lot of money to work with him.
  2. That is like saying that anyone who works for Coca-Cola would be fine if they were fired. Just because they work for a house hold name does not mean they can just lose there job and everything is hunky dory. But thanks I love it when people respond to sarcasm.

    However that is not the issue. The issue is. What has Chris Angel done that makes him so unworthy of his position in magic? Justify your hatred of this guy. Or should I say Jealousy?
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    David blaine and Cyril takayama have the same fame(cyril has 5 times as much fame than criss) and people here never(that ive been aware of) talk crap about either one of them.
    I for one love cyril. Trick photography is not the main issue here.
    So ,evidently, jealousy is not a real factor on peoples disliking criss.
    Think for a while and see what you can come up with.
  4. Right , magician like David Blaine or Cyril are not likely to use camera tricks or stooges very much because they are talented and have no need for them
  5. Yeah your right Blaine is not likely to use camera tricks.LOL
  6. When in what you quoted did I say they dont? I said TRICK PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT THE ISSUE maybe you can read it now. The use of stooges has always been in magic. Im not saying its wrong. Try again.

  7. I said they don't use it VERY MUCH , i hope you can read it now , stooges is part of magic like the other guy said.
  8. Sorry about my response before,I thought it was sarcasm. Also thought it was visualfaction bad.
  9. No Prob ,everyone can share their opinion , its all good
  10. Yes, but do you perform for the same people every week? I'm sure you perform your effects a lot more than once as we all do here do to. Criss on the other hand, I to am not really a big fan or anything but when you have thousands of people that tune in to watch his show I'm sure you would know that they would get bored of watching the same ACR opener or the whatever other effects may be in your patter. People are always expecting more exciting things from him.
  11. Yeah , but its even easier to perform when people are watching through a screen. We never know if camera tricks or stooges is being used and if he messed up , we will never see it
  12. For me its a simple view. He is a punk no questions asked. I watched Sinful with him and W:H and he has an egotistical attitude that sucks. As far as I am concerned he is no one to look up to in magic.

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