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  1. Although Criss Angel is a fraud and uses actors in most of his performances , i wanna know which one of his card tricks you think is the best so far ?
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    Mainly because I'm not sure if any of the tricks he does, he actualy created. I think they were mainly shown to him for his show. So...I'm just going to go ahead and say a big thanks to Erdnase, Dai Vernon, Ed Marlow, Cardini, (insert whoever), etc.

    Why not?
  3. This one.
  4. the one where he doesn't touch the card but makes it move from the deck...thats goes hard as hell....
  5. whatever trick where he sets the deck down and just stops. its like listening to yani, the best part is the end. he is disgrace and i have nothing but contempt for what he has done for this artform. i used to think while he was a terrible magician it could at least be said that he was an average entertainer but at this point he has corroded even that moderate acknowledgement.
  6. You know, we all dislike him in some way, but honestly, he seems like a nice guy.
  7. Actually from what I have seen and read about people who have worked with him, it's pretty much the opposite. Most have said that he is a total douche to work with, that the guys ego and attitude need to be cut down to size etc.

    Most of his card effects might have been interesting when I saw him perform them on TV. But then all that gets thrown out the window when you find out he uses stooges to the max, and camera edits stuff to the max. So anything "New and neat" he does, is pretty much camera editing.

    Oh for gods sake. I just watched that video and all I could think of was "SHUT UP AND DO THE GODDAMN TRICK ALREADY!" I wanted to smack him EXTREMELY hard.
  8. the one where he used the breakthrough card system
  9. You're a fraud. In fact, I'm pretty sure everyone here is a fraud.

    Alas, the premise of a knife through card is surprisingly beautiful.

  10. Very very very old effect called the Card stab.
  11. In fact if you want to learn it, you can check out World's Greatest Magic: Card Stab.

    There is a ton of awesome variation's of it on there and one that Johnny Thompson does blind folded for like 5 selections. Kicks Criss Angels version square in the nuts.
  12. The card through moving bus window was pretty sweet...even if he did u se camera editing stuffs, it was kool, and the general public and his fans/loyals really didn't care because it was a good source of entertainment which we all enjoy.
  13. Thanks Randy, but I was aware of that ;)

    And JRobarts, I too agree that was a nicer performance, frankly - I can't stand the intricate web of see-through lies Criss uses to capture an audience.

  14. While I dont have any opinion on Criss Angle, as I dont care, in the video posted by Itwasluck, 2 girls kissed him reacting to card magic. I doubt he's an average entertainer, I dont get kissed alot myself :mad:
  15. You would if you payed them like 50-100 bucks to react and be on your show.
  16. While many hate on Criss Angel I pitty you all because he is really a hard working illusionist.
    He uses video effects to create illusions. I'm pretty sure many illusionists back in the day also had hired people in the audience who they called up to make it work. Criss uses 21st century technology to make illusions to seem more real. I dont know about you all but he is still does a great job. My hat's off to him.

  17. Magicians have always used stooges,yes.
    I dont waste my time hating the guy,whether he does camera tricks or whatever, its his damn personality I dislike. I cant stand watching him on his shows. So I flip the channel or do something else.End of story.
    People havent asked me to do any of his type of magic or actually compared me to him. Most I get is an occasional guy scream "mindfreak!" amidst laughter.
    So,im good.
  18. Special on Card Basics and Sleight of Hand

    I remember hearing previews for one of Criss Angel's upcoming episodes where he says, "I hear people say that I don't do a lot of close-up magic with cards, and blah blah blah" so he said he was going to be dedicating a bunch of his time to learn as much close-up sleight of hand he could possibly learn, in the shortest amount of time and then use that for an episode. I never got to see the episode, but from some of the previews I still didn't see anything too spectacular, but then again, I didn't see the whole episode so maybe I missed some pretty good close-up magic and sleight of hand. And the keywords being "sleight-of-hand" and not relying heavily on either gimmicks, stooges or his famous camera trickery.

    So did anyone see this particular special and have any thoughts on it? Because I lost all respect for Criss Angel when he started to exploit other Magicians and when the cameras were rolling have him say, "Oh wow, that's Psychokinetic Touches by Banachek" and then purposely make a fool of David Blaine. By doing the Balducci Levitation and failing on purpose and then attempting other of the effects David Blaine did just so Criss Angel's ego could puff up some more.

    Not to mention the fact that he says, "What you see is what you get" which is basically saying, "I have the ability to levitate 80 feet in the air, and then levitate some 50 feet away, and walk up building" and then his Halloween special where he supposedly talked to the dead, where he was then again telling the audience what you see is what you get, saying he can actually do what he's doing for real. But then at the end of his show, at the very, very end in small text that flashed faster than a nano-second, it said something along the lines of "this is just entertainment purposes, nothing you saw was real."

    I apologize for the rant, but I just have no respect for a so called "Magician" who does these sort of things with no respect for anyone else, other than himself.

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