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  1. I'll be perfectly honest here. I'm not a huge fan of Angel, but I went to the website for his new Believe show in Vegas, and it looks damn skippy. That may or may not be exclusively credited to Cirque du Soleil, but suffice to say it looks pretty badass. It looks like something out of a Tim Burton Movie (a good Tim Burton movie, that is). This is definitely something I'm going to want to check out if I get a chance. I hope Angel's finally found his niche, because street magic and sleight of hand isn't really his thing.
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    EDIT: The reviews are in I retract my post.
  3. I want to BELIEVE its going to be good. I BeLiEve its going to be macabre and a really entertaining show, knowing cirque de soilel. BeLIEving that Cirque de Soliel just might revive the people who used to not really appreciate Criss Angel. Given the chance I would watch the show but I think I would be more intrigued by Cirque de Soliel's new act.

    All the best to him.

    But to me, he has given me a few bad impressions that I cannot respect his 'art' properly.

    Hey, turns out he has a new catch phrase. So, maybe too many YouTube videos have made him realize 'Are You Ready??!!!" sounded like a kindergarten teacher asking students to prep up for class. So he decided to go with 1 word, cutting down on the syllables, kept the hand action, and ended up with BELIEVE.

  4. I honestly do hope I get a chance to see this. The thing that appeals to me is that it is going to be different. I can really just tell.
  5. No one ever said Angel's stage show wasn't top notch. I'll be the first to say his stage stuff is great. He should have stayed there. We all just say his 'street magic' is ****. :)
  6. Ahahhaa, that was an awesome article. I guess he's too used to paying for reactions and camera editing, he must have forgot it was live or something. But i bet if it was on TV it'd look AWESOME. hhahahaha. Love it.
  7. At least I tried to BELiEve. I had to say I had doubts doubting Criss Angel this time but I guess its safe to say he is still one of the 'ILLUSIONISTS' self proclaimed out there that I cant really respect, his art for one.

    I would have gone to see it for Cirque de Soliel though but I heard they were pretty much dragged into the barrage of bad reviews.
  8. Lol. I agree with ZeroPhun31. Couldn't have said it better myself.
  9. I know Criss signed a 10 year deal, but it think the show will get pulled! Or delayed agian to be remade!
  10. I saw the show with Katie a few nights ago and just like the reviews say it is a mess. That does not mean it will always be a mess.

    I am not the biggest Criss Angel fan but I there are quite a few very smart people from Crique that will see that same things that the people that did not like the show are talking about. I think we should sit back and not judge so soon. If the show is still getting these reviews in a year then "maybe" it is open season on Criss but for now give them the benefit of the doubt that they will fix it.

    I will have to say that the one thing that should go for sure is him SINGING... Wow

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    I'm actually really surprised the early reviews are so overwhelmingly negative. I'm not a fan of Criss Angel at all--especially his TV work--but I always thought his live stage show was pretty solid. I would have guessed his live show would have been better received than Mindfreak has been. Seems to be the opposite. Can't say I feel bad for the guy though.

  12. I dont think this thing was as much a 'stage magic show' as a bunch of dancing around and trying to be theatrical. Could be mistaken though- but that's what I gathered from the review.

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