Crush by Eric Ross

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  1. Quick post for those looking forward to CRUSH to talk about the effect it's self...

    I've been performing CRUSH for a while now, Eric showed it to me months ago and he's continued to refine this method alongside working on other methods to achieve the same effect.

    While I've not gigged this yet, (as I've not been booked anywhere that a plastic bottle of water is available from the bar!) I've performed it many times now in casual performance and love the effect!

    When done correctly, it can provide a short, sharp burst of impossibility with completely normal, everyday items.

    The CRUSHing of the bottle can vary in speed, which makes for a very realistic demonstration and the bottle can be handed out for examination after the performance, you are left COMPLETELY clean.

    NOTHING is in play except the normal plastic water bottle throughout the entire effect.

    Killer trick, can gauge some FANTASTIC reactions and is VERY easy to do.

    I look forward to hearing everyone's comments when this comes out... I imagine you'll be hearing more and more about this in the coming weeks...

  2. ?

    Can any one tell me what the effect of crush by eric ross is?
  3. Yeah kinda sad that papercrane dropped this product because of some issues. Haha maybe theory11 picked it up :D.

    I picked up P1 by eric ross, just waiting for it to come in the mail :D
  4. and the "Crush" countdown begins.....What, Where, and When... coming Soon...

    GO ERIC!

    I knew this day would come.
  6. just to let everyone know, JB confirmed in a itricks podcast that they recently filmed this with Erc Ross.
  7. Yes and it will be a really great release.
  8. I so called it!!! HAHA
  9. CRUSH looks like my kind of style, I look forward to it.
  10. I wish this effect came out in a book or something. Hopefully the Youtube kiddies won't get their hands on this. I've been playing with a concept for this kind of effect and we'll see if it's the same thing. :D
  11. I hope it's less than $29. That's usually the price for single-effect DVDs nowadays...*sigh*

    But I would pay anything for CRUSH!!!
  12. ?

    what do u mean by youtube kiddies i put trick videos up on youtube?
  13. Kids who reveal tricks on youtube.
  14. Not only that, but kids who don't practice a new trick and put it on youtube and the performance is so poor they are basically revealing it without the intention to.

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