Custom Cards - A Fad?

Dec 20, 2007
Joplin, Mo., USA
I'm spoiled.

Ever since I messed with Ghosts, I've been hooked on many of the custom cards -- the ones with the good finishes, anyway. Bikes just feel flimsy to me now; too slick and hard to control. I've never been impressed with Tallys, especially for the price. And I can destroy a deck of Bikes in the course of a day of practice, but the custom cards hold up.

I'm a fan of all the E and T11 decks, with the exception of the 1800s and the Black Tigers. My black deck of choice is the Shadow Masters, and I have silver sharpies handy when I use them. Favorite deck: Ghosts, with Centurions close behind.

As for the subject line, custom cards aren't a fad. The market has expanded steadily over the last several years, and it shows no sign of going away.
Aug 31, 2007
I've always wondered if the apparent durability of these custom cards ae imaginary, and arise due to the fact that you paid a load of money for them.

- harapan. magic!
Mar 2, 2008
i have one black ghost (2nd) and one black tiger and a black tiger gaff deck. i regret buying them.
Jun 13, 2008
Tacoma, WA
i personally have used all the e decks except the black ghost, and i'm planning on trying the guardians and split spade lions. my ideas on custom cards?

-they are a great way to add your personality into the cards
-they turn heads because they look different than people expect
-depending on the deck, they last longer and handle better
-unless you do tricks that deface or damage the cards, they will save money in the long run because of higher quality (depends on what deck you get)
-they just look cool!

-more likely to raise suspicion about being a trick deck (though i rarely run into it this problem)
-many people's personalities can't pull off a black deck, or any other color. as one guy on the e forums put it, you need to wear the cards, not have the cards wear you.
-can get a bit pricey, depending on deck and tricks
-doesn't make the trick, you must be good at the trick in the first place

what do i do?
carry 2 custom decks everywhere i go. usually tigers and ghosts or shadow masters and masters.

by the way, there are ways of avoiding people thinking the deck is gaffed. you could have them check out the deck before doing any trick (then later on pull out a gaff deck that looks like red rider backs, hehe), or better yet, you could present yourself in a way that people won't get suspicious. and even then, some people will get suspicious regardless of what deck you use, custom or not
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