Custom Playing Cards, Where to Go?

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  1. I really love to use unique and individualistic playing cards, and for the longest time, Ive wanted to print my own playing cards. But I can't seem to find a really good, reliable website to trust. The number one search result is But I don't know how good they are. Bicycle lets you put a photo on the back of a deck, but they don't seem to be fully customizable. Does anyone know where I can find the best custom printers?
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  2. You can print fully custom decks with USPCC - it's just expensive.

    You can also use Kardify. has a good reputation, but don't expect Bicycle style cards necessarily. They are geared to card games like Magic The Gathering more so than poker or the playing cards we're used to.
  3. Ok. Have you ever ordered from I can't seem to find anyone who has. Either way thanks for the info.
  4. I have not, but I know folks who have gotten custom tarot cards from them and are happy with them. I may end up taking a project I'm working on to them, but that's mostly because I won't need super high quality stuff.
  5. Really late addition to this thread but if you wanted to go through with this plan, it is rather polyphasic unless you want 1,000 something decks to yourself and a huge monetary deficit. USPCC is the best way to go for quality and customization.

    1.) Do their limited run of 100 decks with your concept. This way you have a tangible object to send to people to review and promo.

    2.) Advertisement and hype: Once you have your card design concept ready... blast it everywhere, get feedback from Instagram and YouTube cardists/magicians, pay people off to properly review your deck (the more well known guys who would likely not waste camera time on your cards)... whatever it takes to get ready for the next step. Sell them that pen.

    3.) Assuming you get positive feedback, kickstart it. Set goals that you think are reasonable and rewards for your supporters. Get a feel for how limited of a run this V1s will be and the quantity you need printed. Your design may even get picked up by a larger distributor.

    4.) Now with crowdsourced money, print your 2,500 decks, give the funders their cut and from there you can sell them and keep a good quantity for yourself.

    This isn’t the cheap and quick way but with investment of time, work and money on your end you could see a decent return and get your dream card. Will it be completely unique to you? No. However it is a solid method to get your idea out from the ether into the physical and not go broke.
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  6. Publishers like USPCC and LPCC (Legends Playing Card Company) make A grade playing cards, but you typically need a large print run.

    Publishers like MPC ( are B grade in comparison, but let you do a small print run, with as few as one deck.

    In my experience, the MPC decks are more than satisfactory for a custom deck. Much better than cheap options like ArtsCow, which I'd give a D rating at best.

    I know many designers and publishers of playing cards use MPC to make their prototype decks, and then go to USPCC or LPCC when they crowdfund a large print run for absolute top quality.
  7. If I recall right, USPCC offers small runs too at the loss of full control over the card design components. Like if you wanted 100 for a wedding or something. Cartemundi (not sure if I got that right) is also a contender too I believe.
  8. You should check out a website called

    I found them on a environmental faceook page because they plant a tree with every order you make with them. I use them to buy custom playing cards to promote my PT Business, there website is easy to use and they sell any quantity of cards starting at $11 a deck if you include just a plain box. They get cheaper the more you order as well.

    Would recommend :) hope that may help.

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