D&D V6 release site crash?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by onimushalord89, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. So as far as I can tell, the D&D website has crashed under the tremendous demand for the v6. I thought they had planned for this?
  2. I'm sure they're doing their best to bring the site back again, don't worry, if you can't order anything others can't order too.
  3. Thats not necessarily true. The server could be denying connections to excess clients as it is running at max capacity.
  4. I was just repeating what they said. There's a good chance that everyone constantly refreshing the page took its toll on their server.
  5. Got mine and got out. Good timing it seems.
  6. I got mine :) before the site crashed... even though I am really sad cause I had no idea the 7 releases where today I thought it was one every day so I only got the v6 and I wanted the octopus deck and if an octopus could palm and an uncut sheet. :(
  7. Yeah I had no idea that they were releasing everything at once. It was a bit much for me to cough up at once. So I plan on only getting a few v6's and a v6 sheet when the site comes back up. Does anyone know why they charge so much for shipping though? I mean im paying like over $30 in shipping.
  8. I was under the impression is was a multi day thing also.

    Also, I went with the slowest shipping which was like $17
  9. I was hoping for Theory11 to be selling them so I could use the shipping discount for orders over $75
  10. ur out of luck cuz t11 wont be selling the v6
  11. Yeah, the shipping over at D&D is way too expensive.
  12. wow finally got my order through. Thanks for the speedy response D&D
  13. The1eyedjack.com also sold some last night and sold out quickly. Bmpokerworld.com was selling some today, don't know if they've sold out yet. They are also available on Ebay already at $45 a piece although i'm thinking that seller doesn't even have them yet.

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