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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bentley, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I'm on a PC, I get "MALWARE DECTECTED" screen and tells me I could get a virus if I proceed. *sigh*

    I'm not risking it guys until it's fixed.
  2. No doubt that it was NOT D&D's fault. I was just letting them know that a virus is in their site. Someone had to have hacked it or something. It's a bad virus as well. Yeah I didn't get the warning until it was too late.
  3. Actually, yeah, let me re-word. I know it is NOT their fault, I don't suspect them of wanting to maliciously destroy the computers of the magic community.
    I just hope it's fixed soon.
  4. I know what you meant. I am the same I hope it's fixed soon. It's weird that this and their youtube has been under scrutiny now.
  5. Virus or no virus, don't you guys have Anti-Viruses? Enabled firewalls (those of you who are on PCs, anyway)?
    What happened to some of you sucks, but either your Anti-Virus software was outdated or non-existing, since I'm on their site almost every day and although I did get the warning nothing happened to my computer.
  6. To dananddave:

    Look into wp-includes/Text/jqdialog.min.php. That's the problem.
  7. According to google it appears to be a CPA virus (connents to cpa.info.**), which means it's really unlikely it will affect your system in the way you described (wiped files/removed internet shortcuts). It's designed to make money, not to kill your computer.
  8. Well I have no files anymore and just got back my internet shortcut. I got rid of it but all my files are gone.

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