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  1. Hi guys

    Everyone know that Daniel Madison left the scene to focus himself on performance instead of the creation of tricks.

    So what did happen to the Lithium project?
    Lithium is D+M project about TK.
    It passed more than one year since it was announced ( actually it wasn't really announced but there were some speculations about it due to an image appeared on D+M site). These speculations were also confirmed by R3man.

    So does anyone have any news about Lithium?

    Two other very talked and unreleased project were also Psycho and the Xproject with Myles Nakouzi.

    Does anyone have any info about them?

    We are trying to tidy the few clues we have. So please do not increase the speculation around these projects.

  2. Where is the prize for the Change contest that d+M promised Ineski and where is Change itself?

  3. Good question!!!! But a bit off topic
  4. True a bit off topic yet so on topic. d+M seems to be a very easily mind changing person. I mean you got to think that after the guy made 4 different designs to his website in a month.
    But as for an answer to your question, i believe he is too preoccupied being in performance mode and not in selling mode while selling his new book.

    Ironic ain't, anyway i think that the books are postponed or even just closed due to his performing step.

  5. Mattia, let me correct you. he is QUITTING magic (Creation & Performance) to start playing cards and cheating.

    as far as the CHANGE is concerned, I never believed it. it was not even performed for real life audience. :confused:
  6. To shed a little light from the INSIDE; DM is working hard on a number of EXCITING projects, which will all become apparent in time.

    He has not quit magic, he's just placing focus on other areas of the industry as well as the creation of magic for release.

    Patience is a virtue.

  7. O.K. I was obsessed about lithium for the longest time.

    LITHIUM was a project that was being done with DM and G (others May have been included. but I know that those were the two that were on set when the buzz started)

    all we know about Lithium is: there were some photos of D+M and G in a warehouse with G standing with about 6-7 D+M's standing around him. there were a few photos like that on his facebook which said 'from the set of LITHIUM'

    they give Lithium to people with Skitzophrenia ( think) These photos have since been taken down.

    On the set of Lithium, is where they shot the 2WO video and the video of G throwing the box onto the scattered cards, then there was a cut of D+M having G name the card he had it land on.

    To my knowledge Lithium (Which was never a confirmed title I don;t think) has been cancelled. Or it is being completely redone.

    there was another project that was never released called COIN which was announced in D+M's lecture notes ONE. when I aked him about it years ago he essentially said that it was coming soon. I would quote him but I cannot find the e-mail.
  8. Umm...no...from what I understand, he is taking a break from marketing new magic effects. He did not quit magic to start playing cards and cheating, of course, there is always the chance of sarcasm. If so, apologies.
  9. Magic industry, as in marketing magic. If I'm wrong you'll have to excuse me, I haven't paid much attention to popular magicians in a few months.
  10. so if he stopped marketing, he won't sell any more magic DVDs like The Change which was predicted by R3man.
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    Just a quick update:

    Psycho is going to be released


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