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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DuTcH_MagIcIaN, May 29, 2008.

  1. Or, they backed up the post database and are redesigning the forum structure?

  2. I can still go on and several other people as well. I have never gotten this error before. But I did see Dave on for awhile last night.
  3. I emailed them about the spam thing,

    Got nothing back :(
  4. i seriously doubt that they are re-designing the sight right now. That would not be the best timing if surfaced is to be released along with smoke and mirrors on tuesday. Not because it would interfere with people being able to purchase it but because it would stop all the hype coming from the forums and slow it momentum. I think that they would want the strongest release possible so it seems like an inopportune time to do this.

    I could be wrong, they might not be releasing them on tuesday and they might be redesiging the site who knows. But if it is coming out on tuesday i would be surprised if they purposely shut down the forums for now.
  5. What made you think it's being released on tuesday? Besides dan and dave have enough hype for the products. Ever since the trilogy came out people wanted to learn the fourth vanish of the queens.
  6. the surfaced teaser photo left certain clues that lead to tuesday June 3rd being a very likely release date.
  7. Yeah if you look at the picture that was loaded onto the Surfaced thread over at DnD you can see that it says June in the background on a sign and on the other side there is a sign that says 3rd street.

    And as far as the hype goes you can never have too much as a seller. They wouldnt want to loose the momentum of all the people talking about it on the forums. And all the people on the fence about buying it may loose interest. I dont think it will hurt sales much im just saying that if they were going to do it (assuming the dvd will release tuesday) they wouldnt re-design now they would wait or have done it earlier. Thats all im saying
  8. Mabye we should ask Chris Hestnes since he is the administator of the forums!
  9. Anyone Else Get Booted from D&D Forum?

    My buddy and I were given the boot from the Dan and Dave forum about 2 days ago, and we have absolutely no idea why. We don't even post in the forums, just view topics. Has this happened to you as well? If so, do you know why?
  10. Read the thread.
  11. Moderators at Dan and Dave

    I was visiting the site and the forum section said that i was banned. i have not posted in months and cannot find a reason as to why this happened. i do not know how to contact the moderators so if you are one and are reading this will you please help me out.

    my username is "stevosal91", thank you
  12. You'll realize that you are not the only one if you read through the thread
  13. Dan and Dave Forum Banning

    Hi guys. Figured I'd talk to you first about this issue. About two days ago, for no apparent reason, I was banned from the forums on dananddave.com. I sent them an e-mail and I haven't got a reply yet. Am I the only one? I don't recall doing anything bad on there. I've only had 8 posts! Thanks for your time. And if this is already resolved or talked about, I am sorry. Please redirect me and delete this thread. Thanks again.

  14. Very odd indeed.

    I saw some of the posts and people said all the topics were gone? Well I can still see them so I'm assuming that was resolved.

    I haven't gotten banned...as of yet...But, it seems the General Discussion has been locked.

    Something must have gone haywire.

  15. General Discussion is locked because lots of spam bots keep posting porn in it. So that has nothing to do with the banning issue.
  16. Oh, my bad, I didn't know. I don't go on all too often. I just check the DanandDave Blog and go on my way.

  17. Im still good.

    My bet is that their has been a load of spam and they just banned anyone who looks really suspicious (Those with low post counts?) and figured the real people would email them?


  18. I had 134 posts, is that considered low. I used to go there almost everyday so that can't be the reason.
  19. for those who haven't been banned yet, did everybody mention this on the dan and dave forums yet??
  20. Plastic how could we if we have been banned and cannot log in

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