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  1. Now I know this may initially sound like a request for what's going on with the classic clips once sold on dananddave.com, but it's not. I'm still wondering when or where I can get some again.

    OK, here's the breakdown; I was surfing eBay and found this:

    Dan and Dave Card Clip

    I thought that "wow this is awesome" but then I realized the design was painted. Oh well. I was really hoping for more.

    Even so, the design is pretty beautiful, which leads to my first question: does anyone have the hi-res version of the design I can get and where?

    You see, I got a Porper clip and I thought to myself that I probably needed it engraved. Trouble is, I couldn't find a design choice, then I stumbled on the eBay clip. Immediately I knew at once what I needed. So I tried to find a hi-res logo. I need this because that way, I can show the engraver what design must be placed on my clip. This is what I meant by what I asked. So any help might be appreciated.

    Second, is there an engraving site out there that is cheap, reliable, and can accept large-scale designs like the ones you saw? I would like to know.

    Finally, what should I put on the other side? Should it be the same design, or something else? Ideas I've put include a revelation, a double Jerry's Nugget Derrick, and even a slick tribal-looking dragon or double-helix dragon pair with an Ace of Spades. Maybe those with these can show pics of their engraved Porper clips.

    Hope to hear from you soon ;)

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    I don't remember where I saw it, but someone else posted about those clips and one of the Bucks said that they were knock offs, and that they would have the real classic clips back in stock soon with some minor updates.

    Found it

  3. Hmmmm :confused:

    I see. Well, at least that's one question down, but that still doesn't answer where I could get the logo or engraving. But it's a start.
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    I don't know if these are gonna help or not but there all I happen to have right now.

    EDIT: Alright, I put them in a png instead of jpg, and it kinda shrunk them. Should be fixed now, all bigger and what not.

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  5. I would try bringing a printout to your local engraving shop to see what they say. Although, that's quite a bit of detail and it covers a lot of space--I'm guessing that would be really expensive.
  6. All of the engraving seems to be done on computers nowadays. it may just be as simple as scanning the photo and clicking a few times. (i said may. )

    Anyways, that Ace of Spades design is kick ass.

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