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    on one of dan and dave bucks lecture dvds they do a coin trick that lets you win a coin toss everytime anytime. Do you have any tips on this trick that called rigged
  2. It's called Rigged :D
  3. yeah. Play around with it holding the coin in different spots. Also the angle of the hand. Other than that its just practice and figuring out how to make your fingers work that way
  4. There's something to be said about Rigged. Actually, according to my stat professor, 90% of the time, when a coin is flicked upward, it lands on the same face as it started with.Of course, the that flicked should not move and the height should be considered. Well, I hadn't tested this theory though. Just a thought...:)
  5. I came up with a rigged coin flip. Didn't think of it as a trick. It's actually pretty easy..
  6. Your stat professor is slightly mistaken there. There is a slight tendency for the coin to land facing the same way it began with, but it's not 90%. The true figure is around 51%. Interestingly, the research on that was done by Persi Diaconis.
  7. I have a false coin flip of sorts, wherein the coin is actually repositioned to your desired outcome after a true flip. I don't know if Dan and Daves works along similar or identical methodologies but regardless, it has the same effect. I also know of an old method which involved a sharp nick in the coin and a fair amount of skin breakage for the performer. Not such a great method.

    The thing isn't a magic effect of course, but could be utilised in various mental effects, as a gag before a coin routine, or just to hustle some drinks off your friends.

    ... And it feels cool to do.


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