Dana Hocking Music Finally Coming Out

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by adjones, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. Every thread on this forum should mention it! :p
  2. Yeah, exactly. Not saying that Dana's music isn't erotic though, I mean, well. Yeah.

    Your not the only one. Dana's music brings warmth to many. Literally.


  3. haha. Im still psyched for the True Astonishments trailer song! :)

  4. yeah it has been posted before.
    but who cares?!! It's going to be awesome!!!!
  5. You should be banned for being dis-repectful, and giving away music which is illegal unless you have permission from the artist.
  6. I think all Ramo did was rip the music from the trailer, SOmehting I did too - but thing is, the rip includes the high pitched screams and reactions. I don't think that's illegal, but if it is - notify me.

    Anyways, im just looking for the name of the song and the artists (and if it is Dana, when I can buy it!)

  7. Hey.

    Just thought I'd chime in here and say thank you all for your comments about my music. I've been waiting a long time to release this stuff and it made my day reading this thread, so you all rock in my book.

    Happy Christmakwanzahanukkah.

  8. ohmigodohmigodohmigod.

    *changes underwear*. Dana! could you tell me if it was you that made the music for the True Astonishments trailer? And if so - will it be available on your CD?

    I know ive been bugging everyone about this - but that song sent shivers down my...pants.

  9. Will this collection of Dana's work be available on iTunes or what is the format? I can't wait...good stuff!
  10. True Astonishment Music

    Hi Gustav this is Bro Gilbert director of the TA Project, the music on the trailer is not Dana's it is a combo of two of my good friends the country blues tracks are John Tenbear Thomson (album out soon) and the beats are from "Marlin" his albums are up on I tunes, grid mode, happy face math etc. definately check out all of Marlins work. Three albums are heavily featured in the dvd set. That being said get out there everybody and get a copy of Dana's album he's a rare talent we are lucky to have him. All great things.
    Bro Gilbert
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    Thank you so much for taking your time and explaining it to me!

    So, if I understood, the music playing is actually two songs played over each other? One from John Tenbear and the other from Marlin?

    Hum...I think I can join them somehow. Can't wait for John's album!


    EDIT: Found Marlin's! "News Data" :D
  12. i sense slight disappointment that the music from TA isn't Dana's. lol
  13. No, actually - it's even better :D

    1. I get to oogle about THREE new artists that can jam my brain into reverse gear. (Whatever the hell that means :rolleyes:)

    2. I can immediately purchase Marlins' (waiting for Johns') song from ITunes.

    Could I have asked for more?

  14. haha that's great!
  15. Dana Hocking :: Music + Magic

    Hi guys i dont know if this have been spread into the forums....

    But just looked at W:H website and on the front page there it was... a message from heaven... it said Dana Hocking - Music + Magic... Albums Available... 01.01....

    What do you think guys... is it the beginning of Dana's revolution... :D

    Im so excited... :D

    :cool:Peace Out:cool:
  16. Yes, this has been discussed before - check the second page! (or third) :rolleyes:

    But the news is too good to pass up!

  17. heheh Exactly its so exciting!!!!
  18. yeah it's been posted many many times, but who cares? IT'S AWESOME!!!!

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