Daniel Garcia or Daniel Madison?

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  1. Yeah, I think I'll go for Dangerous. Thanks guys for the great advice.
  2. You won't be sorry.
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    Can't you just get them both from [edited] for free? Rather than paying all that money...
  4. I am ashamed that you come from my state...
  5. o_O


    Oh my bad, downloading that stuff is illegal... It's fine to pay an insane amount of cash for it then..
  6. That's right... Cause it cost money to produce.
  7. Agreed, downloading stuff for free is wrong , but buying it isn't!!!
  8. Do you realize that some creators make a living doing this? This is how they eat and how they pay the bills, it's very disrespectful to steal from them like this.
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    Umm, yes I agree, it is very disrespectful to steal from them by downloading their stuff ... .

    People should just buy it.
  10. ... Are you being serious or sarcastic?
  11. I don't know, but he is confusing the heck out of me.
  12. Kid, sarcasm isn't helping your case.

    When you've paid your dues, then you can get free stuff from the magic community. Since you clearly haven't, you can shut your gob.
  13. harsh...................................... but true. lol
  14. "more applause"...

    As a career musician, it's appalling anyone would suggest it's OK to download something for free when these guys are BUSTING there humps trying to make a living doing this. It's always been tough enough as an artist to make a living doing what we do, and the advent of the internet had been both a blessing and a curse at the same time. We, as artists (be it musician, magician, what-have-you), have a great platform for getting our material into MANY more peoples hands than previously thought possible, but unfortunately that comes at the price of more people being able to attain it for free. (or STEALING). Don't want to rant too much off topic, so...

    ON topic, I have all 3 volumes of the DGP, and love 'em all. BUT, I haven't seen Dangerous, so I can't comment on "which is better". In the end I would end up with 'em both. But that's me... At the moment I have MORE than enough magic to PROBABLY last me a lifetime, as I tend to go on "buying sprees" and end up with more than I can digest.. (Just the three volumes of AOA is enough to keep ANYONE busy for a LONG time!...).

    Good luck with whatever you choose! It sounds like either way you can't go wrong!
  15. Thanks everyone for the advice. I've ordered Dangerous and it should be here soon. I'll try and write a review on it for you guys.

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