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    Im going to review each and every single effect included in the set, as well each DVD by itsself, the two different sets (1-3 and 4-6) and the complete set (1-6). Lets see if I can help you...

    Vol I:

    -Satisfaction Guaranteed: (Prep.)
    This is a great effect, it seems to be a All Backs routine, but it ends in an unexpected way. 7/10

    -Personal Safe: (Prep)
    The effect is nice, but I've had to create a ungimmicked routine, since I dont like using coin gimmicks. 6/10

    -Twisted: (Prep)
    This is a great effect, a really easy to do bill change, that can be done with a borrowed bill. Very nice method. 8/10

    -Ego: (Impromptu)
    A nice effect, impromptu, involving a chosen card and a all new color change. I dont personally like it but I'll be using the two new moves I've learnt fore sure. 7/10

    -Third degree: (Prep)
    Once that youve prepared a deck of card, youll be able to perform a super easy miracle with a cigarrete. 8/10

    -Rubber made: (Prep)
    It starts with a ring through rubber band, and ends with a really clean rubber band linking effect. It is going to be in my rubber band routine for sure. 8/10

    -Conclusion vol 1:
    A really strond DVD with really strong effects, I highly recommend it. 7/10

    Vol 2:

    -Only Four: (Impromptu)
    A version of Sh4de, an effect Danny created some years ago. 4 conis accross with no gimmicks. 8/10

    -Scatter: (Impromptu, if you carry the PDF with you)
    A card trick with no cards. Really cool. The DVD includes a PDF you can print to perform the effect a billion times (or more). 6/10

    -Motion: (Impromptu)
    This is a nice effect, is a impromptu haunted deck. It looks great with some practice. 6/10

    -Bad Habit: (Prep)
    I love this effect! A quarter (in my case a 0,20€ coin) melts through the celophane of a cigarrete box several times, ending inside the box while being held by the spectator. 8/10

    -Chi: (Prep)
    A nice effect, very direct and visual. Your indx finger melts through a borrowed, signed coin. 5/10

    -White or Wheat: (Impromptu)
    One of my favourite effects of the DVD, the selected and signed card appears between the Jokers with seemly no sleight of hand. Learn the One Point Production and The Ego Slip (a really cool technique) 8/10

    -Conclusion vol 2:
    Even if some people say that is the weakest DVD of the 1st 3 volumes, I think is one of the bests... 8/10

    Vol 3

    -Nacho Mommas Triumph: (Prep)
    A nice triumph effect with an unexpected ending. The climax is OK, but I dont like the way you have to Shuffle the Cards... 6/10

    -Quarters: (Prep)
    Nice, but is not as amazing as other effects... Just a coin through glass effect. 7/10

    -Windex: (Prep)
    A very original effect, using a window you draw in a card. Open it, and show their signature. Nice. 6/10

    -CAAN: (Prep/Impromptu)
    Card At Any Number, the effect is nice but I dont personally like the method. 5/10

    -Joe Blow: (Impromptu)
    100% Garcia. An impromptu effect that uses a sugar packet and "static electricity".

    -Conclusion vol 3:
    The weakest of the 1st volumes, but still nice. 6/10

    Conclusion vol 1-3:
    A really cool pack of DVDs, with amazing tricks. Danny teaches everything in intricate detail, with multi angle cameras. 7/10

    Vol 4

    - William Tell: (Impromptu)
    A cool effect, but the endin isnt unexpected at all. 7/10

    -Jacobs Ladder: (Imrpomptu)
    I learnt this in Symphony, but Ive watched it here and still amazes me. A bill through band routine with 2 phases. The method is really cool. 8/10

    -DG Box Steal: (Prep)
    A nice technique, very well taught. You need it to perform several tricks taught later, but Im creating new effects with it. 7/10

    -TimeLine 2.0: (Prep)
    A nice effect: The mysterious signed card placed inside the box, is chosen by the spectator without the noticing about it. Youll get really nice moments when the audience sees the box empty. 8/10

    -The OG Transpo: (Prep)
    A really cool variation of Timeline 2.0. 8/10

    -Micro Dissolve: (Impromptu)
    Two coins switch places without gimmicks. Amazing. 7/10

    -Scorch: (Prep)
    A nice trick, but isnt as amazing as the rest. 6/10

    -iCard: (Impromptu)
    There are several apps for the iPhone to get this effect, so I wount use it a lot, but is still nice. 7/10

    -Party Perception: (Imrpomptu)
    I dont like this effect, the method is quite silly, thats why is a bonus, I think. 4/10

    -Conclusion vol 4:
    A relly cool DVD the new projects start with a great volume. 8/10

    Vol 5

    -VOID: (Impromptu)
    I love this effect, 3 amazing phases, in which a bill seems to be broken and restored. The last phase is amazing. 8/10

    -In Visible Monte: (Impromptu)
    Im gonna be usin this trick a lot. It looks GREAT. A monte effect with the card they have to find face up. Wow. 8/10

    -Lotto: (Prep)
    Is a good way to start magic with bills, a really cool method. A lottery ticket turn into cash. 6/10

    -Airbrush Change: (Impromptu)
    A color change seen on Symphony, now taugh in intricate detail, along with 2 more variations. 7/10

    - .44: (Impromtu)
    As seen on Symphony, 4 aces transpose with the 4 jacks the spectator is holding. The airbrush change looks great in this routine. 8/10

    -Math: (Prep)
    Even if the idea is cool, Ill have to create a variation in order to perform the effect, since I dont like the method. 5/10

    -The Gamblers Swap: (Impromptu)
    A variation of .44, 2 cards on the spectator's hands, switch place with the 4 cards youre holding. Great method. 7/10

    -iScatter: (Prep)
    This is anoher iPhone/iTouch trick that brings Scatter to your device. Cool. 7/10

    -Fire and Smoke: (Prep/Imprmptu)
    My all time favourite Oil and Water Routine. The climax is really amazing and I love the method. 8/10

    -Conclusion vol 5:
    It has different types of tricks, so youll learn tricks in different cateories. 8/10

    Vol 6

    -VISA: (Impromptu)
    Two credit card magnetize, creating a very visual moment. 7/10

    -One Point Production 2.0: (Impromptu)
    In the Hands OPP seen on DGP vol 2. I love this move. Incredible. 8/10

    -Pop: (Prep)
    The selected signed card appears inside the balloon that the spectator holds all the time. Really really cool. 9/10

    -Vortex: (Impromptu)
    The selected signed card appears, magically, BETWEEN the spectators hands. They wont be able to believe it. 8/10

    -Ham and Cheese 2.o: (Impromptu)
    Using the OPP2.0, perform a variation of White or Wheat, taught in vol 2. Is better than the original version. Ill add this to my sandwich routine for sure. 9/10

    -Static Sandwich: (Impromptu)
    It combines VISA and HAC2.0, but I think that the effects are cooler if performed separeted. 7/10

    -On the Rocks: (Impromtu)
    An impromptu version of Quarters, with just one ungimmicked coin. Everything can be borrowed in this 1-Phase Routine. 8/10

    -Trick-Tac: (Prep)
    Visually transform Mint Tic-Tacs into Orange Tic Tacs without switching the box. Amazing. 8/10

    - iATM: (Prep)
    Pull out rel money from the virtual ATM on your iDevice. Nice, but I didnt received the € version, just the 10$ one. Ill have to "create" it. 8/10.

    - The OK Coin Vanish: (Impromptu)
    Seen on the performance of Bad Habit (Vol 2) but not taught. It looks great, and a variation is included to be able to show yous handS empty. Both of them. Amazing. 7/10.

    - Conclusion vol 6:
    The best of the last 3 volumes of the project, Ill be performing POP as a closer. All the effects are amazin and relly cool. 9/10

    Conclusion vol 4-6:
    Danny returns with 28 amazing tricks and techniques. I love this set.

    Conclusion vol 1-6:

    I love the complete set, Ive learnt a lot of techniques and tricks Ill be performing everyday. Thanks Danny, Theory 11 and Dan & Dave. 9/10.

    Now that Ive given my opinion I'd like to read yours, and I want replies! Thanks for reading, and if you want me to review any product just PM me, and if I own it, Ill post a review as fast as i can. Thanks for readin again.
  2. Which ones are impromptu and which ones are gimmicked?
  3. Ok, Ill edited now...
  4. Ive just edited to tell you which tricks need a preparation, any double, or just anything spectators dont see
  5. I didnt realise that alot of the tricks on volume 4-6 had allready been published before. So thats a bummer.
  6. I think that even if you already have Symphony, the DGP is still worth buying!
  7. In my situation, almost every single effect from Symphony were the ones I liked the best on the newest projects. There's a few good things on each of the new discs/downloads too, but I was a bit disappointed that most of the things I liked, were again, on Symphony.

    My personal opinion would be to pick up Symphony and Volume 6. Volume 6 has most of the astonishing and visual magic out of the 3, including POP and On the Rocks. POP is my favorite trick from all the volumes, and you get a lot out of it. I also perform most of the tricks that were on Symphony.

    Remember, this is just my opinion, you don't have to agree with me.
  8. The new part of the set, disc 4,5 and 6 were a huge dissapointment.

    Disc 6 had some great ideas with the OPP move that i can see myself using. Other than that there were a few cool and neat tricks on the discs but there were really no stand out effects that i thought "WOW! I have to learn that!" when i saw them.
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  9. These are going on my list for the near future. I probably couldn't do some of the stuff with the Iphone magic because I don't have one at the moment. But I've heard a lot of good things about this stuff.
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    Tell me about it. I only bought volume 4 (already had 1-3) and I pretty much don't like any of the effects. The majority of the performances were even pretty boring and lacked the enthusiasm and energy of the first set, not to mention the quality of performance.

    iCard is probably the coolest effect to watch on the DVD.

    DG Box Steal is a bit clunky and kinda obvious when DG uses it.
  11. I guess this is an example of how every performer is different. Because the material on these dvd's, almost all the material, fits me perfectly. I'm not the most happy with the one point production, but still, I love it all. Even the Box Steal I've done without much or any suspicion and pulled off a great effect.
  12. @ AsherF
    That was the main disappointment, because the material on 1-3 was so well suited to me.
  13. I'm thinking about buying volume's 4 & 6.
  14. I have to say that the best volumes are 1, 2, 3 and 6. Four and Five are OK, but the best tricks on these volumes are available at SYMPHONY. If you cant afford buying all 6, dont buy 4 and 5 and get Symphony instead. But I repeat, this set is amazing! There are some little tricks that you wont perform by themselves, but you'll get incredible ideas to create new tricks... I'm now working on iPhone / iPod Touch tricks without any app... This is cool!
  15. These are going on my list for the near future. I probably couldn't do some of the stuff with the Iphone magic because I don't have one at the moment. But I've heard a lot of good things about this stuff.
  16. Disc 6 had some great ideas with the OPP move that i can see myself using. Other than that there were a few cool and neat tricks on the discs but there were really no stand out effects that i thought "WOW! I have to learn that!" when i saw them.
  17. Lotto is incredibly beautiful. It had that Wow moment for me. I enjoyed it a lot because it opens up more presentation opportunities than extreme burn or other bill effects of that nature
  18. I love Lotto... Really cool!
    Im creating new routines with OPP2.o, and Im getting increadible reactions even with the BASIC move!
  19. I love this set so much I made a complete volume collection package with a bonus disc. Garcia pulled off a great series.
  20. wait a second... what complete volume collection package did you get? I got a collectors box thingy from penguin and no bonus disc!

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