Daniel Madison ∞ Newest Member of T11!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by timredulla, Nov 16, 2007.

  1. Just saw Daniel M! He was not among the 11 magicians/artists few days ago.
  2. There is an announcement from Jbayme on this alreeady.
  3. Yep. Daniel is a part of our nice...big family. How's that working for you? Works for me just dandy.

    I can't wait to see what Theory11 & Daniel have in store for us.

    Shane K.
  4. I'm excited and happy for him. Can't wait to see his surprise for all of us.
  5. I hope Daniel releases a product through Theory11 his magic, and flourishing are superb and are just amazingly stunning, and powerful.


  6. Daniel Madison's style is like no other. I hope he releases something soon so I can pretend to be as cool as him.
  7. I own the Lethal DVD

    it's really diabolic!

    Everyone must have it

    Good Luck Danny
  8. You are so lucky that you got it when you had a chance. I would easily pay $50 for it. I'd get it now, but it's only offered as a download and I really don't need my PC being slower than it already is. :p

    I started learning Symphony, but I can't seem to get the link for it to work anymore on Daniels website.

    Shane K.
  9. I also own lethal on dvd, and it has amazing flourishes. Sucks that they only have it for download. But I don't care:)
  10. So if you don't care then why do you say it sucks?
  11. I believe he was refering to the fact that it sucks that Lethal is only in a downloadable format instead of DVD. He was saying that he doesn't care probably, if I had to guess, because he already owns the DVD...therefore not really needing to worry about it only being in download format.

    Hope that helps. :)

    Shane K.
  12. i thought theory 11 would make more sense if they had 11 artists, but now theory 11 is sorta dying... aside from the forums.
  13. Remember back when the contest for the uncut sheet of Guardians was around? I believe that J. Bayme noted that the 11 in Theory11 was just part of the name, and not really a number that they are limited themselves to. Actually, he said that because we were trying to guess which of the 11 that we are used to seeing was Satan and Cartman from South Park.

    You've got to remember that there are many other people who work around the clock for Theory11. Not just Wayne and company. :D

    Shane K.
  14. true tat

    I still get the feeling they had 11 artist at the beginning to hype the stie. but tats just me.
  15. Did anyone find the hidden Q&A questions with Daniel Madison? ;)

  16. I just purchased his RIP effect and its really freaking good but I'll keep that on the down low. haha And yes I found his Q&A Mitchell! lol
  17. I did :) I was bored, so i looked deeper and wayne does rock!!!
  18. can you link me to the dvd
    or the download?
  19. This is where things start getting interesting. A week ago you could log onto Daniels website and check out his shop section with Lethal there. Ever since his site got slight re-vamped...you can no longer find Lethal there, even in download format.

    It seems as if we may just have to wait and keep our fingers crossed.

    Shane K.

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