Daniel Madison's Change refilmed

Sep 4, 2007
I watched that recently but if you pay close attention there is a break in the video and he stops talking right when the card changes.


There is NO editing. Its a blink card. Penguin used to sell um. Its just DM's handling of the card. See the crease in the middle of the king? Oh yeah he didn't take the vid off. Go to his channel and its the first one.
Sep 1, 2007
Original handling of blink? You have to me joking, please tell me that is not true... How do you know that?, because you think you see a line?

I am also interested to know if this could be done using a signed card?

Right now...I'm giving DM the benefit of the doubt. I believe him. But I am confused.

In the First video called "Change" in the end...when the card changes, there is no crease or line in the card.

in the "Change08" Video there is.
So what changed?

Why is there a crease/line now?

Why does the card always end up being the King of Spades...

Here are some pix...


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Dec 2, 2007
I think I know why there wasnt a crease and now there is. If you make your own blink card there will probably be a crease. But if you bought one it wouldnt have a crease and is very well made. I think he has been using the same Blink card for so long that it is now creasing. Or he made one of his own now and is creased.
Dec 2, 2007
Search Blink! card with the exclamation point. I dont know if they are sold anymore so google it. I make my own but dont have the supplies at the moment.

The Dark Angel

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Sep 1, 2007
Denver, Colorado
I hate to bump old threads, but after much time spent deep in thought, and watching the change several times, I just had to give DM props on this color change.

It truly is a wonderful change.
Sep 1, 2007
I think, after a lot of thought, that it is a gimmick, not sleight of hand, and here's my evidence:

AFTER the change, the card is shown front and back, to show it's not a double-backer, double lift, or whatever I assume.

BEFORE the change, EVERY SINGLE CLIP (including ineski) he already has the card in a strange grip, and you don't see him take the card off the deck, or show it front or back, or anything. Instead both dan madison and ineski are very carefully gingerly showing you only the front of the card, and the camera only starts rolling once they have the card all ready.

If this is a pure sleight of hand then I have great respect for DM.

but if this is just a gimmick I have to wonder what is the point, when you could basically accomplish the same thing with the flip/flap "blink" card. I mean even if it's some NEW gimmick, I still will have lost a ton of respect for Dan if that happens. and I put the odds at even money that it is gimmicked, because he won't say either way that it's NOT a gimmick, and neither will Ineski.
Oct 9, 2007
I don't like talking about this sort of stuff. It's really not sleight of hand. There is not one one handed sleight in existance that uses absolutely no movement at all. Full faced cards cannot simply change like that without gimmicks/editing involved. I think he is just simply having a laugh to see how gullible everybody is.
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