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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Albert Ramirez, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Check the facts about it on his website...
  2. when does it come
    who knows?
  3. oh, 2 more days and it would have been a year thread bump.
  4. i thought ppl say it would come out in 2009
  5. 2009 isn't over yet;)
  6. in fact, it's only just begun....

  7. And 2009 has been going for only 5 months. C´mon dude wait. Its not like pam its 2009 on the clock and it is released.

    Daniel said he will release it somewhere in 2009, not 2009 on the clock.
    and maybe he changed his mind and dosen´t want to release it. We can´t be little whining kids it his choise and when he is ready to release it he will.

    Now, little buggers CALM Down!

  8. i find a way to do this trick
    can i publish before him
    i guess a lot ppl want to know how its done already
    but he created this trick before me so i dont know if i can sell this trick....
  9. Unless you know that the methods are different, it would be unethical to publish the effect.
  10. i dont know the method is different
    i need to wait for him to publish his method to make sure it is different
  11. I personally think this is a bust/BS however are very own LucasCG claims to have figured this out.

    Per Lucas under his video comments: "I obviously cant prove to you that there is no gimmick nor that its a real life performable, but I can honestly say that it is. If you don't want to take my word, feel free. I can guarantee you that I am able to show this to you in real life without any gimmicks though."

  12. I don't understand why Daniel, or Lucas for that matter, just film this effect in front of a live crowd. Dispute solved!
  13. Change is a hoax. Here's a quote from traumatised-magic from another site:

    "i knew the title would get everyones attention cause this has been such a long awaited effect

    but there is dissapointment to go along with this post

    change does not exist!!

    i have recently purchased decpetions 2 (the sandwich tricks)

    and it says in the notes that david blaine was actually the inspiration to madison to do the impossible and to change the way we think about magic and that was what change was all about. it was a video to show everyone a different way of thinkin about magic....my guess is it really was just a video edit. but he does say at the very end change does not exsist it is just a different approach to makin you think. and boy did he make us thin lol"
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    These days I follow dutch magician Mystery Mark as you might know from the "How????" thread I posted earlier.:rolleyes: He has a BlogTV (http://www.blogtv.com/people/mhilkemeijer) and rarely does shows but when he does I sure to watch as one of his biggest fans. Somedays ago he performed a thing I think he called "Wow-M-G": something completely similar to "WOW" by Katsuya Masuda except that it was without the card case.:eek: When I just looked at Daniel Madison's "CHANGE" it was the first thing I thought about but Mark his effect is even more visual. I just hope he makes a YouTube video of it because he said he might.:D

    I think Daniel Madison's "CHANGE" was obvious. It's a gimmick most of you know I think. Also the last change was played backwards. That is why it is the same two cards all the time.:eek:
  15. in his pdf identity, it says something about the method for change being somwhere hidden in the pdf.
  16. Might mean that another trick uses the same gimmick but as I not seen videos of all those trick I can not tell.:(
  17. he said it at the beginning of the devils touch.
  18. .. oh , kindly share it to me, please.. i want to learn great tricks that my classmates don't know..

    i want to make them think, where did i learn it..
  19. Buy a book.
  20. no way am i sharing it to you lol.


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