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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Albert Ramirez, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. I hate Daniel Madison. :D
  2. I think it's magic
  3. When D originally posted the video there was a caption underneath that stated it was without any gimmicks or camera edits, never underestimate the skill of another simply because you cannot achieve the same feat nor explain it in your current state. The beauty of "Change": finally, here is an effect, that erases all of our knowledge of how magic works and we can turn back time to like when we were kids and still be amazed by magic instead of knowing all the ins and outs, "ignorance is bliss", or "the beauty is in not knowing" for all of you who watch "House, M.D." as well. How long has it been since you've seen an effect you have not even a vague idea how it was done? The list is in the single digits.
  4. Very well said.
  5. I still think this change is very good. But if he releases it, itwill not be the chnage everyone wants to know. It will be the one everyone knows.
    In some ways that will ruin it. At the moment we are playing that part of somone in the audience.

  6. If he said it was ungimmicked then he is lying. I know exactly how it is done.
  7. how can you be so sure.
  8. I dont want to try and explain this and border on exposure. Im not saying the change isnt awesome. I know a change that came out a while ago that looks exactly the same, visual like that. Requires no cover and no hand movement. There is also a part in the video of his that gives it away to being the gimmick Im thinking of.
  9. Where we can get our hands on it? is the gimmick home-made?
  10. I dont want this to be exposure so Ill just PM you about where you can get it and so on.
  11. Daniel Madison - CHANGE

    Daniel will be releasing a DVD titled CHANGE soon, which coveres some of the craziest visual colour changes ever, there are 6 changes, including the one on the Guardinas trailer and... wait for it... CHANGE!
  12. no it's not....
  13. Where did you get this information from? :eek:

    - Sean
  14. R3man is a close friend of daniel+Madison.

    (Did I just spell it that way?)
  15. Oh I didn't spot that. Haha! I knew that, I just didn't register the username in my head :p Thanks though. :)

    - Sean
  16. no it's not edited but I think the answer is in his hand.. Watch how daren use that change.. almost the same and not edited but he uses the wave of his hand to create illusion.. and daniel's change will remain unexplainable.. and by the way lucky guess is fine but judging that change, hmm I think it's better for us to keep quiet and wait... that's magic..... for magicians...:)

    1 of your fan..
  17. Yeah, Daren said his video was edited. It says so in the description.


    Imagine the Impossible with sleight of mouse and keyboard. And a little help from Vegas.

  18. Hahaha... Amen for Vegas...
  19. actually, both videos daniel madison made of change are edited....
  20. Wow. Major bump, but I like talking about it anyway!

    Yeah both vids are 'edited', in that the raw footage is presented, but the change itself supposedly is not edited.

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