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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pipi94, Nov 20, 2013.

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  1. I completely understand what you are saying Craig. This happens every time there is a magic special on TV.
    I think it is just the excitement that most of these youngsters get seeing the reactions David is getting. They think if they shell out the cash and grab up the same effects it will produce similar reactions. Unfortunately it won't happen that way.

    In my opinion the alligator production was horrible. You clearly see it happen because of the cameraman not cutting away as David's left arm reaches back to the side of the chair. If you DVR'd this go back and watch it again. I caught it on the first time I watched it because it looked so blatant. Just my two cents.

    I did thoroughly enjoy the show.
  2. Does anyone have any idea when this will air on UK television?

  3. Or re-air in the US?
  4. Why are we discussing a magic tv special on a magic forum? Geez, I don't know...
    Sure, maybe we should discuss the presentation angle more then the method, but then you would still say "why are you trying to copy David's presentation, it's his own personality and it won't work for you". So discussing a method is a no-no, discussing a presentation is a no-no... and then you wonder why every other thread on this forum is about the "favorite deck of playing cards".

    I saw a magic tv special, it amazed me, I don't know how everything is done and of course I wanna talk about it. Isn't that how most of us got into magic in the first place? Curiosity... Once upon a time we saw a magician do something impossible, and we wanted to do the same thing. Well this is no different.

    I'm not saying we should all copy-paste his methods and presentation and try to do the same thing tomorrow, but discussing a method for an effect SHOULD be normal amongst magicians. I was amazed at his PK Touch on the shoulder effect (I know how he did the one with the nose), and I'm curious about how it's done. If someone can point me in the right direction, I would be grateful. If not, fine. But telling us that we don't deserve to know the methods, or shouldn't know them, just because we are talking about it, is illogical to say the least.
  5. Toby I hope you didn't think my comment was directed at you because it definitely was not. I have a lot of respect for you and know that you are a working magician. It was more towards the younger guys who will go buy an effect that was on the special, take it out of the box that day and hit the street within an hour trying to get the same reactions as Blaine, be disappointed and then say the effect sucks. Ha ha.

    I was also intrigued by the on the shoulder one, but completely understood the nose one. I am still baffled by the needle through the arm as well.
  6. Of course not, you know I love you man ;)
    I'm not saying that anyone directed their comments at me, nor am I pointing out people who made those comments. I'm just talking in general more or less. It just happens to be you and Craig in this thread. And you both know my opinion about you guys, so I'm sure no hard feelings ;)

    And yes, needle through biceps was INSANE. No wonder he left it for the end of the show. The only reason why I'm not AS curious about it is that it's not my style and I'll probably never use it, but the PK touch is a different story. Plus my biceps are just too big and hard, the needle would probably just shatter on impact :D
  7. I agree completely Toby noone wants a breakdown of every method we just want to better ourselves as magicians. Espescially after this special which in my opinion had some of the end all be all methods of effects i have learned many versions of. I also understand where Rick is coming from though noone likes the youngins that dont want to put in the work and want reactions like blaine or want to know every method. That seems to happen more at the ellusionist forums anyway and places with more of a kid following. Besides the cafe this is my go to place to discuss, there seems to be a ton of talent and understanding of our art form. Anyway though he has been at it for an extremely long time and wasnt alone in making these mini miracles happen. With that said though we would all like to discuss and atleast be pointed in the direction of how to learn these methods or advance our own methods. So we could all improve.
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    How could we not want to find the origins of these things we all work very hard to be the best we can be then something like this fantastic highly anticapted special comes on and he does stuff thats about as amazing as it gets and more amazing then stuff i have seen performed by pros in person and alot thats on the market these days. For instance the PK shoulder touch. the absolutely baffling ciggarette through bill and the fantastic cards across even some of those thought of card appearances. Aswell as that angle zero restoration we all get asked it was only matter of time before somebody made it happen beautifully. It is apparent these things are not released or unheard of new principles becuase at least a couple of us would have an idea. I think thats how they wanted it though to not only completely astound regulare audiences but also to fry magicians alike. Which to me is a beautiful thing.
  9. I thought the thought of card effects he did to Katie Perry, Steven Hawkins and Harrison Ford were amazing
  10. For the picture with Jayden, I don't know how David did it, but I do know there is an app for that.
  11. I have a feeling it isn't an app. I don't know how he made Jayden pick that three of spades but I feel like he was using some type of gaff deck.
  12. An app for that effect hmm i don't think so because you could see jayden in the back of the picture when its shown and i agree Joey.
  13. Phenomenal. I think I liked Harrison Ford's reaction best. His Angle Z/Regeneration thing was great. I don't really know how regeneration works, but to me it looks like a combination of variations of both, and it looks excellent.

    I loved that they put Gervais' bit at the end, when I first heard the title of the special, I didn't like or understand it really, but now it makes perfect sense.
  14. I think thats about as close as we're going to get.

    Wouldn't it just be the same principle as the hand? Provided I actually know how the hand version works.
  15. There is an app out that does that exact effect. But it would of course need to be the magician's phone. So yeah, I agree he probably didn't use an app. Heck I dunno. That's what makes it cool, I dunno!
  16. The intro to the show has a riddle in it. I figured it out. I want to see if anyone else has! The only tip I will give for now is that you will have to be able to pause it... So if you recorded it you will be able to figure it out!
  17. This was easily one of the best specials I have seen in quite some time. If anything, it should be a lesson to everyone on this forum. Especially those who are using it as a "shopping" list. Unlike his last special that featured magic, I forget the title, although I have the dvd lying around somewhere, he returned to the fundamentals this time. He presented effects that are found in books everywhere that you and I own or should own and he has proven that with proper presentation, they are worthy of being used in a real world scenario and get just as good of reactions as anything new coming out on the market. It was actually quite beautiful how raw this special was. It almost felt equivalent to a musician doing an acoustic concert. The moral of the show that you should be taking away is not what effects you can add to your show but rather that magic can actually mean something. What impressed me most was the beautiful (a word I use often for this post) interaction and timing. When he did Stand Up Monte for the people at the apartment. He absolutely killed it with his lines. That was the most "gangsta" I've ever seen a magician. "There's no way to ever win the game. Everybody's got perfect control. thank you" and grabs the money out of the man's hands and walks off. I got chills.

    On another note... If I weren't into magic at all... I'd still watch simply for my absolutely religious obsession with Breaking Bad.
  18. Maybe, I don't know. When it comes to the hand, there is a certain spot that you can actually put a needle through to avoid any nerve or blood vessel. It's kind of like a Human Blockhead (nail in the nose). I'm not sure if there is such a spot on your biceps, but I could be wrong.

  19. The only thing he needed to do was force a card, so no gaff would be necessary though one of two gaffed decks could easily be incorporated. Again, we're talking about 101 level magic knowledge.

    The Alligator Load was easier than you're thinking old chum. . . it's based on an old Rabbit from Hat handling as well as the old Orange Bowl routine.

    Being someone that worked side shows back in the day when it was still under canvas and not seen as "high art" I can assure you that the Human Pin Cushion type act (needle through bicep) can be done legitimately. Look up Bill Fitch "the Human Pin Cushion"; he was on several TV programs in the 50's -- 70s and I believe he's in the Book book of records as well. I know that Ripley's recognized him. HOWEVER, I do not suggest anyone attempt such an act without having been trained by a learned pro, there are far too many things you can damage that can leave you crippled and too, there are sanitation issues.
  20. Thats a great observation Craig just he said think of a card with no patter that i saw influencing him towards anything. I dont think he had him choose one earlier and thats what he was "thinking" either which is the way id accomplish it as of now. Thats how it was many times when he asked for a thought of card he also didnt have some type of setup in his pockets which i know exist after he asked for a thought of card becuase his hands were always in view its reallly something...
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