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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by pipi94, Nov 20, 2013.

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  1. You didn't see anything or a force because it is a TV show, and TV shows are edited. You don't ever see the set-ups.

    In terms of magic presentation, this is a good lesson for new magicians to learn. What you are describing is an illusion that is created by his patter and presentation. Look up the trick "Imagine" By G. This is a perfect example of how patter and presentation can be used to achieve what you saw Blaine do. Basically, you shape the audience's perception of what really happened.
  2. There are so many different "out" based ways to go into the jayden effect. What I can't get over is how in the hell he made a regeneration gimmick with a dollar bill. That is not an easy task.
  3. I also have no idea how he did the trick that looked like a "friction" pen style trick, but with a sharpie on the back of a card
  4. THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT! I literally peed myself when I saw him do regeneration with a bill. When I was watching I was like "He can't possibly do regeneration it's just going to appear somewhere else" and then BOOM! He restored it. David Blaine is too good.
  5. Plus on one of the version Olivia Wilde pulled the $20 bill from her wallet...??? Like what the heck!
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    What a polite response considering how rude I sounded to you! Haha. I meant to say: "Provided I know how the hand version works. Not claim I did know and imply you didn't. Oh dear.

    Anyway, yes, that's what I was thinking, I would have thought there are many many paths you could take through the body that don't hit anything important at all, Isn't that kind of like acupuncture? Otherwise acupuncture needles would be destroying everyone's vessels and veins and muscles and things correct? I'm not a physiotherapist so I'm not really sure.
  7. Stop looking for something familiar, a major pro will distance themselves from the sorts of things most aspiring types use. Think about what he really needs for this effect. . . it's not the pen but the ink and a means of delivery.

  8. Haha, it's all good :)
    The thing about acupuncture though is that needle only goes so deep (actually not deep at all), plus the needle is as thin as a hair. But putting a ice pick needle, which is 15x bigger and wider, ALL the way through your hand, now that's INSANE lol.
  9. Can the Icepick and rod through a bicep be considered a trick or illusion though?

    That's why its called "real or magic" right? because some of those magic tricks are actually real. I love the Ricky Gervais reaction, even though i think they spent too much camera time with him, but i think he is right on the money with calling David a maniac.
  10. The only thing that i was kindve disappointed with this trick was that Will Smith zoomed in on the picture so that we couldn't make out anyone's face in the photo. You could however see Jada pinket's stripped sweater in the background though.
  11. I think the name of the special is somewhat inspired just from that reaction. How can it be an illusion when it looks so real? But also how can it be real, the Blaine specials have always been about the reactions and the impossibilities you can just see swirling around in their heads, that is really just pure magic right there. There were many great examples of this in Real or Magic.
  12. I enjoyed watching David get incredible reactions out of regular tricks. I think he is a master at using silence to create tension.
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    HOw it the world are people not searching night and day for the Bill restoration. I have been trying every night for hours since I saw the special. I WANT IT BAD!!! This is what I have found:

    The wolverine formula - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3cokBO98qI
    •Not available anywhere anymore save maybe china.

    Fire in the hole (maybe) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=000Hq_pOsX8

    Speaking if Asia - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge3lLdHbSAs

    I'm actually starting to get frustrated. =( Any help/info/suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Thanks y'all.

    PS - Magic since 10 yrs. Hit it hard for a decade. Now, two and a half of those later...still 10 yrs old inside when it comes to illusions. Really appreciate the helps.

  14. Here's a thought. Not sure how accurate it is, but...

    I've been thinking lately that David is very atypical of magicians thanks to the Shaman approach that Craig described before. Yet, he's very successful, influential and recognizable. He's avoided becoming a punchline like Criss Angel, and he never gets lumped in with other magicians, talented though some may be.

    And I wonder if perhaps this is reflective of a change in the culture. David's first special comes out right around the time the internet starts becoming a big deal. Its very nature has changed the fan-creator dynamic completely. Fast forward more than a decade and you have crowdfunding, podcasts, blogs and other features that allow the fans to interact with the artist directly in a way that was previously impossible.

    A recurring thread through the book, "Fans, Friends and Followers" was that the artists interviewed all let their fans get a glimpse of who they were as people. We are reaching a stage where we as a culture value the honesty of the artist in relation to the art. We want to know that the stuff we love is being made by people who love to make it.

    So on that note, is it possible that David Blaine was at the right place at the right time to become the vanguard of that among magicians? Is it possible that his success is because we know he's an illusionist, but he just sells it so well. He never winks to the camera. He never pulls any of that "honest deceiver" bull**** that frankly I think most audiences role their eyes at these days. He's not an honest deceiver, he's just honest. He doesn't make us go along with the act. But he gets us to want to.
  15. I agree, Steerpike! =)

    He truly arrived at the precipice of a technological growth and, with that, helped to fill a public void of awe with magic that hasn't been satisfied since the days of Henning, Burton, The Pendragons, Pen & Teller, Copperfield, and so many more. Those who kept wonder in our eyes on a global scale.

    I'm glad for such a rebirth.

    These are the things that have helped me to rekindle a fire that I haven't felt for 25 years.

    The answer is simple: In our current age of inter-connected realities and the monotony of our collective, simple reality; we want to be taken away!

    We want to be amazed and we want to be indulged. That pure fragment in our existence... To be washed away with something that we can not find in reality and then, celebrate that which may seem real yet understand how it mat be false... but have been shown that it is real... past our eyes, knowledge, and practicality. Such is the true nature of Magic!

    Such is that which we should celebrate to the end of our days!

    How do we do such?

    By keep on keeping on!

    Magical Faith is a power unto itself! When will be the time in which we honor and celebrate!

    ~Pass Your Heart Forward!~

  16. I have this.Nothing like what
    I am looking for.No where near but thank you.

  17. I agree man that trick is beautiful if only i can find it anywhere it does actually look like the wolverine formula i remember years ago when that came out and was available maybe i should have picked it up.
  18. To me it seems like one of those TV things where he and all his consultants have collaborated to produce some new combination of some stuff you probably cant buy.
  19. My question is this - Why do you want to know so badly? So you can perform it? Do you want to hear, "Just like David Blaine!" or do you want to hear, "I've never seen that before!"

    I would advise against performing -anything- he did on that special. In the very least you'll have to come up with presentations that are vastly different. The world already has David Blaine and he's way better at being him than you ever will be. Be yourself.
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