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  1. Ok, so I was just watching David Blaine's: Frozen in Time, and he did an effect that was great! I was just wondering if you guys knew where I could get it...

    David had someone pull a dollar out of their pocket, then he showed that there was two signatures on the bill. The secretary's and treasurers. He then rubbed his finger across the treasurers name and it changed to the spectators. I have NO idea where I could get this.

    Thanks guys.

  2. it is in Paul Harris' True Astonishment vol 2 I think.. It might be on the other volumes tho im not sure..
  3. Yeah it's Counterfeit Spectator - First effect in Paul Haris' "The Art of Astonishment" Volume 2.

    I'm watching frozen in time right now, and I want to do the one where he has a spectator buy a scratch off, and win the jackpot 0.o
  4. what i think is that thats just one of those tricks that works only once every hundred or so times. its like that "7" trick.: think of a number from 1-10... your number is 7." he only put up the take of when someone actually won something
  5. Ok, cool guys. Thanks, I will check this book out.


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    *Edit - Thought you were talking about the bill effect.

    Yeah, it's probably one of those that he does 234098098324 times and publishes the one that wins. Sorry for misinterpreting your post :p
  7. Counterfeit Spectator - First effect in Paul Harris: The Art of Astonishment Volume 2
  8. ?

    while on the topic of aoa whitch would u recommend AOA or TA?
  9. I was just going to ask that, you beat me to it.
  10. i think the sweetest effect he did was we he held the dollar bill on the what is magic...took a pic, and slammed the guys face on the dollar bill...
  11. BOTH. Its a whole lot of money, but they compliment each other so well.
  12. do you know how to do or where to buy it?
  13. I would strongly recommend getting AoA FIRST. I've heard mixed things of TA.

    My favorite effect that David did in "What is Magic?" (other than the bullet catch) was where he had a spec write down a name and fold it up, then lit it on fire and had it appear on his body... SICK
  14. Unreleased effect based on Danny Garcia's Fraud.

    That was performed on his second special, "Magic Man."

    If you're interested in the effect check out Richard Osterlind's "Perfected Center Tear" from his DVD Mind Mysteries volume 1, as well as volume 7 for Osterlind's handling of "Ashes on the Arm." Great effect.
  15. The thing is... he didn't tear it.. and let the people fold it themselves..

    He must have done it for 2 specials then, because it was definitely on 'What is Magic?"
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    Nope. It was just on "Magic Man." Here's the entire "What Is Magic?" special--you can look through it yourself.

    Here is the ash effect in "Magic Man" at the 4:40 mark. And again here at the 6:38 mark.

    He didn't fold a billet and tear it on TV--you're right. Doesn't mean that isn't what he did though, if you catch what I mean. ;) Editing is a very magical thing.

    Anyhow, just saw that you liked the effect and trying to point you in the right direction in case you were interested in furthering your knowledge on it. Osterlind has a very nice handling.
  17. Haha, Thanks Mat! :D

    I'll definitely look into this!
  18. a lot of the work david do is paul harris's but if i was u' i'd ask bro. gilbert, he may have some knowledge on it...i wanna get that myself...
  19. the center tear is very useful....

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